OC Software Review – Best Crypto Trading Bot or Scam?

OC Software Review – Best Crypto Trading Bot or Scam?

We’ve heard actors doubling up as snake oil salesmen calling themselves ”The Wall Street Wizard”, the ”Millionaire Trader” and so on and on. OC Software is one such product where an actor was hired to deceive traders.

The actor in question is using a pseudo name Edward Robinson. This actor used the same name during the launch of another scam Cryptocurrency trading bot known as the Ethereum Code.

OC Software is allegedly created by a millionaire trader on Wall Street who ihappens to be the actor in the pitch video.

The software is supposed to make $100,000 every month. If it fails to perform as promised, the anonymous owner will reward you with a free $5,000 for trying.

OC Software review

Is this the best Crypto Trading bot out there or just a scam? Are the things being promised on this sales page real? And why did they have to copy Facebook’s colors and interface?

You know they are not real. This site gives away its real intention. So it cannot be offering the best Crypto Trading bot.

OC Software, which is hosted at ocsoftwareapp.com is definitely a suspicious trading app.

The site lacks basic security features like an SSL certificate. Do you think these scammers are serious?

Here’s an in-depth analysis of the fake trading app OC Software.

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OC Software Review – Best Crypto Trading Bot or scam?

First of all, this guy called Robinsons is not being realistic and honest by claiming that he wants traders to use this software for free so they can become millionaires.

The other thing that I just discovered is that OC Software is a cloned version of another scam bot called the Orion Code. This was released in 2016.

The video on the sales page is depicting a lifestyle of prestige. A private jet to travel the world, luxurious cars and yacht holidays are all characteristics of OC Software scam.

According to the text which gives explanations about the OC Software, this trading app uses ”latest cutting-edge satellite technology” to enable traders make life-changing amounts of money.

This is absolute vagueness. There is no meaning in this statement. Furthermore, this block of text has been recycled several times across scam websites which promote fake Cryptocurrency trading robots. The OC software website is not an isolated case.

OC Software review – win rate and all about the robot

The sales page claims that OCSoftware is able to deliver a win rate of 99.7% because they are using Blockchain technology.

The problem with this statement is that Blockchain technology has been used out of context.

Blockchain Technology has nothing to do with the win rate. It is not a factor.

Whoever wrote this text clearly does not understand what Blockchain is.

I cannot independently confirm the alleged 500 developers and trading strategy providers who are working with OC Software.

Robinson is a scam artist as well. He has appeared on several other scam trading bot websites.

The real identity of this man is not known. The same case applies to their anonymous developers and traders.

OC Software review – fake testimonials

The sales video features people who claim to have made a fortune with this trading bot.

They are of course lying since they were paid to say so.

They are not real users.

OS Software Review – the truth

The truth is that this landing page wants you to deposit some money into an unregulated broker’s platform.

These shady brokers will rob you. I implore you to only use the services of regulated brokers.

OS Software Review – the conclusion

It has been recycled several times. It has lost meaning. If you want to make money as a trader, roll up your sleeves and start learning which strategies can help you achieve your goal.

To learn a strategy, invest in training. Practice what you have learned on a regulated broker’s account. 

And of course you can start with a demo account before transitioning to a live one.

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