Learn to Trade the Market Review By Nial Fuller

Before you spend $349 on Nial Fuller’s trading courses, you need to read this review of the Learn To Trade The Market website. Nial scores highly in terms of honesty. Does not hide the fact that he has never kept a single record of his live trades.

This is to be interpreted to mean that this guy does not trade Forex for a living. But rather, he makes his income from revenue generated through selling his trading courses at Learn To Trade The Market.

He’s got a good sales strategy because he is a skilled salesman rather than a skilled day trader. He understands the art of crafting email newsletters and blog posts, hence he has no problem maintaining and even growing his 250,000 monthly readership.

Nial of  Learn To Trade The Market website has a way with words. He perfectly understands how to generate and drive traffic to his blog for maximum conversion.

And of course his sweet words have always convinced both newbie and experienced traders to purchase his price action trading courses.

Nial Fuller describes himself as the ‘King of Price Action Trading’. He claims to be the winner of a Million Dollar Trader competition which took place at AxiTrader Forex broker sometimes in April 2016.

In that trading competition, Nial claims that he was able to make an impressive 369% return on investment.

However, there are no records to show that Nial Fuller really took part in this trading competition. Indeed there is a link pointing back to the broker’s platform on Learn To Trade The Market website.

The problem is that this is an affiliate link promoting AxiTrader on Nial’s website. It does not give any credible reference to prove that Nial of Learn To Trade The Market website took part in a trading competition and actually won the top price of $1 million.

This shows that Nial is a very witty salesman. He is definitely an inspiration to several trading vendors like Matt Choi who want to promote their products on the internet without a live trading record of success.

Learn To Trade The Market review: the truth in this matter

What does Learntotradethemarket.com offer? Well, for the price of $349, Nial will teach you how to read price action on a Forex chart, give you access to a private forum and help you predict the direction of the markets in his weekly market forecast.

Chart Reading Instructions: What Nial has for you in this course

I must admit that Nial is very good with his words. He makes it look like reading charts is so simple that even a 5 year old can do.

Priceaction.com (which is also owned by Nial) teaches the same stuff that is found in the trading course which he sells for $349. The difference is, Nial publishes those training materials for free on that website while he charges a fee for the same training at Learn to trade the markets. The motive behind this is beyond my comprehension.

First and foremost, this guy does not teach anything new or unique. It’s the same same stuff that can be found floating around the internet that he teaches and charges a fee for.

The instructions are simplistic in nature. This is part of his marketing strategy to woo more traders to his products.

What exactly does he teach, you ask?

Well, Nial teaches breakouts, support, resistance, failure patterns, double tops and so on. You bet that these lessons can be learned for free on the internet, except when you let Nial teach you these things. And in that case, you will be wasting money.

I must also admit that this guy is very sharp and up with his game. If you are desperate to make quick wealth trading Forex and commodities, you would easily fall in love with him because of his sweet, clean-cut and well-spoken personality.

He makes more money (through Learn To Trade the Markets) than his needs can consume. He flies in private jets or at least on a first-class ticket to wherever holiday destination he feels like going to.

As soon as he touches down on a world-class airport, his gets an alert on his mobile device that one of his trades just closed in huge profits. In fact, so big is this profit that the cost of his air ticket would look like peanuts compared to what he just made.

But of course you should never let his charming personality fool you. We’ve got to ask Nial the tough questions that no one has had the courage to ask. We are like an old dad interrogating a young handsome man who just visited to ask their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Nial’s Private forum

Inside Learn to Trade the market private forum, traders will get access to a vast array of learning materials which include video illustrations, price action patterns, articles and opinion pieces from members of the forum.

How did we get access to this private forum? Well, a member emailed me his login details for purposes of writing this review.

This private forum is well organized. I must admit. But what I am doing now is akin to invading the private home of a would-be son in law in search for evidence that he is a jerk. I am searching for condom wrappers, pornographic materials, drugs or anything of that sort while he is away.

Of course I had to bring this detective assignment to conclusion. So I made a note of what I had encountered in the process of searching this house in the absence of its master . Thankfully, I didn’t find anything that could raise an alarm. Everything seemed to be in place.

Now, the bombshell is that Nial has never posted a live trade in this forum. All his efforts are dedicated towards drawing nice charts and publishing opinions on where the markets will go next.

There is a huge mountain of information in this private forum. However, the general consensus is that this material is aimed at creating a conversation rather than proving that Nial is a trader himself.

This is like a busy social media page where hordes of people jump into conversations like parrots. The difference is that these folks talk about trading. Once Nial publishes a trade idea, the conversation sets rolling.

While at it, I noticed that this ”resident guru” did not actively place himself in a jeopardizing position where he would easily create suspicion. It’s the reason he does not participate in actual trading but prefers to create conversations around trading instead.

What is the aim of all this?

The motivation and idea behind Nial’s Learn to Trade the Market is that if he can game Google for good web traffic, he can make over $300,000 out of selling his price action courses.

Since he is good with writing, his website is decorated with a lot of expertly produced content — the exact thing that Google is looking for. So he definitely does not have any problem ranking for the most profitable keywords in Forex trading.

Also, because he is an expert communicator and an internet salesman with a refined tongue, many traders have no qualms believing him as soon as they land on his website – Learn to Trade the Market.

Now, sometime in July 2012 and January 2013, Learn to Trade the Market experienced a huge spike in web traffic. During this time, Nial was participating in a professional web spamming scheme which ultimately earned him a penalty from Google.

nial of learntotradethemarket is a web spammer

According to SEM RUSH, Nial is a professional web spammer who has at one time used fake back links to generate massive web traffic to his site.

Why Should you care?

The reason why you should care is that this incident shows Nial’s true character. If he can cheat Google to rank his blog using unscrupulous SEO methods, then it could mean that he is a professional web marketer as opposed to a day trader. This subtle clue speaks volumes of words concerning who the real Nial is.

No wonder he gets away with no live trading results. Hordes of naive traders visit his site each day for advice. These folks don’t seem to notice that this guy does not trade. But that is also where he makes a kill. It is perfectly safe to concentrate on selling price action courses rather than putting yourself in a position where people will question you.

Conclusion of this Learn to Trade the Market review

Honestly speaking, this guy is just doing good promotion of his trading course. He is so skilled in the business, which has led to a phenomena where the really good guys who trade are overshadowed to the point that learners can never find them online. It’s heard to beat guys like Nial. It is also a difficult job beating Learn to Trade the Market website in the SERPs even with the Google penalty in place. Congratulations Nial for being an excellent web marketer and for copy-pasting Al Brooks techniques.

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