Nasa Trader Project Scam Review: A false robot in disguise


NASA Trader Project is total crap based on the nonsensical story line which the perpetrators are using to promote it.

Of course NASA Trader Project is a property of phony individuals who would like you to believe that they know how to use weather patterns to predict the future of any given market.

Does such a thing really exist? If using astrology could help us predict whether the EURUSD would rise or fall, everyone of us would be using their astrology star symbol to trade Forex and binary options. It’s simple as that.

But now it looks like several traders are still losing money to the market despite ”fail-safe” systems like NASA Trader Project coming into the market to help people suddenly make money.

The kind of approach used to promote the NASA Trader Project scam is sort of funny that we don’t even know whether to laugh or cry. However, for the sake of our readers, we will review this software anyway.


Overview of NASA Trader Project

While investigating this site, we came across lame explanations being used to describe the ”effectiveness” of this software.

The website has a small section labeled ”About Nasa Project Trader”. It’s a brief sentence that describes the robot as a quick and revolutionary app that understands the global markets.

nasa trader project scam
Lame explanation

It also relies on a ”mathematical model” that lets the robot do real-time market analysis before entering trades.

Basically, this is not satisfactory explanation on how a robot works. It’s just too shallow and lacking usefulness.

We only give credit where it’s due, and Nasa Trader Project scam has failed to justify its claims and prove that indeed it’s profitable to use.

The app Nasa Trader Project is probably one of the worst scams we’ve ever reviewed here.

Again, scamming elements are all over this website. These red flags should not be ignored if you truly want to invest money in binary options trading.

How this software works to ”triple” your initial investments

Do not take ridiculous statements lightly. Unless you want to lose money, there is generally no need to take crooks peddling these products seriously.

The kind of explanation they are giving as to how this robot works is nonsensical. Even the name Nasa Trader Project is out of context. One wonders how on earth someone would decide to name a trading robot after a popular organization.

However, this is not a coincidence because the software is supposed to predict the future of the market with almost 100% precision.

It does not lose like other robots do, so they say.

On the other hand, we are not convinced that Nasa Trader Project actually uses
aeronautics and astronomy to trade the markets.

What correlations do these things have with the market? We’ve never heard that people can use aeronautics to predict how buyers and sellers will behave in the market. It’s basically a big hoax not worth directing attention to.

The bottom line is that we don’t know how flying a rocket to space is related to trading binary options. Anyone who claims that these two activities are similar is therefore a fraud.

That’s why we want to know the person behind Nasa Trader Project. He’s a very funny individual having realized that this guy is insulting the intelligence of his potential clients.

The film is presented by a certain clown who claims to have a wealth of experience trading binary options.

nasa trader project
The actor and spokesman of this scam network

The second claim is that he runs a big trading and investment firm. The name of the company isn’t mentioned. He also didn’t give us any location or contact details of this imaginary company.

This means that the crook who does the promotion for this software is basically a paid actor who does his job for pay, even if it means making his daily bread at the expense of your losses with this app.

The reason why Nasa Trader Project is a hoax is because they are willing to hide its owner instead of bringing him into the limelight for everyone to see him.

Why do they hide the one who runs the show? Probably they are keen with the prospects of getting caught. Trouble is the last thing that these crooks will need, yet they insist on looting funds from victims in the name of providing them with a revolutionary trading bot.

Basically, we are dealing with a website/company that does not want to publish its contact info so that they can be reached for clarifications.

They prefer to remain in the shadows to avoid probing questions from people like us.

Good thing, however, is that we can always go exposing these crooks regardless of whether they show up or hide themselves.

Claims of abnormal profit potential

As always, scams will go to great lengths just to convince you with their fake profit potential. The Nasa Trader project is one of them, which is why they are quoting a $2,000 profit each day.

To make this figure sound realistic, the criminals claim that Nasa Trader Project has a win rate of 94% — which we know is impossible to achieve for a cheaply assembled code like this one.

In other words, we will be losing trades with this software since its strategy is irrelevant and unthinkable.

You should not be bothered by their phony characteristics because scammers often feel less compelled to support their claims with proof.

The truth is that Nasa Trader Project was designed to favor the broker and developer as opposed to the user. That’s the reason you will lose the game altogether.

Our Best Advice for you

You can call it a cash-grabbing scheme, a scam, a fraudulent product or anything in between.

But guess what? You are right in any of the cases above. Nasa Trader project just fooled with our intelligence.

They just told us that using astrology could give us information on what the markets will be doing.

Thankfully, we all know that nothing of that sort exists anywhere in this world. It’s just a pipe dream as opposed to reality.