Mychargeback: What to do after getting scammed online (Forex, Stocks, Cryptos)


Let’s say you’ve been scammed by these Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Binary Options or stock investments peddlers and are wondering what to do. Do you just let it go (if we are talking of $10,000) or pursue your money where you can?

If I were you, i’d think of ways to recover that money if possible.

I usually receive emails from people who claim that they lost all their money and are wondering if it is possible to recover their lifetime savings.

Typical questions are as follows:

”I’ve been scammed online, what do I do?”

”Can I get my money back from a bank transfer made to a Forex, stocks, Binary Options or Cryptocurrency scammer?”

”What do I do after being scammed?”

If you look at the above examples of questions that I receive almost on a weekly basis, you will immediately see that getting scammed is real.

Whereas it’s hard for me to fathom the idea of one gambling with their lifetime savings, I still recon that some people don’t think twice when confronted with the idea of getting rich overnight if only they agreed to ”invest” a certain amount into the deal.

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So that is what I will be addressing in this post. I will be giving a real solution to getting your money back after being scammed by a Forex, Binary Options, Cryptocurrencies or fraud involving pump and dump stocks (these are common in the US).

I will be highlighting one incident where I was approached by an old man, a retiree who had lost nearly all his life savings from a merciless fraud involving stock investments.

Take a look at this email sample that I receive in my inbox:

”Hello Warren,
 My name is Philip Orlando and I have a question for you. 
I got scammed on a pump and dump stock UMFG.  How can i recoup my money, should I just hang onto my 40,000 shares?  
Do you give guidance on investing in small cap stocks (all I can afford) I am trying to build up my retirement money. I had about 71,000.00 but now down to 24,000.00
Thank you,
Phil Orlando
I am 63 and feel time is running out. I don’t own a home or a lot of things but I do have a 2008 Nissan truck paid for. I live in Fl with family but want to move out west on my own.”

As you can see, this was a desperate victim. He had been taken advantage of by an investment scam.
So I told him that I had some advice to give him and if he would take it, he could have a 99% chance of recovering all his money from the said scam project.
Although this area is typically out of the scope of this blog, I felt that it was still a relevant subject to talk about.
In as much as there are honest people around, many people in the trading and online investment business are smart con artists. So there is no way I can continue talking about online investment while turning a blind eye on those who lose their hard-earned money.
I have helped a few individuals to successfully recover their lost funds by directing them to this chargeback company.

Note: the above case was handled successfully by the same company – MyChargeBack. I will be talking about them briefly so you can know what to expect from them if you’ve been scammed and are in need of your funds.

My Charge Back deals with scammers who operate in the Binary Options, Forex or CFD broker business.

How do they do it, now that most scammers are anonymous and virtually leave no trail on the internet?

They help in the preparation of documents that the banks will need to initiate a chargeback.

Since this is a premium service where cases are followed to the end, you shouldn’t expect a free service.

Yes, you have been scammed. The amount of money lost might vary from one person to another, hence quotation fees will vary from one case to another depending on the amount of money that was lost.

Why do I recommend this chargeback service instead?

First of all, you want your money back. To recover it, you must work with professionals and not scammers who will make you pay a fee and fail to recover any lost funds.

Secondly, I have advised many readers of this blog who have been scammed to seek help from them. They all reported positive feedback after days and sometimes in weeks.

The point is, these guys know what the bank needs to see and hear, hence a chargeback will be initiated against the Forex scammer.

They know the tricks needed to present chargeback cases in the most effective manner.

My best advice for you

I know there are many Forex and Cryptocurrency investment scammers out there. That means a lot of victims exist too. If you lost money, just have a chat with them here and you will be given way forward.