MT4 FX Robot Review – Scam or $110,00 In Few Days


MT4 FX Robot is peddled by an actor called ‘Joseph Chambers’.  The real name of the anonymous person behind the website ( is Dariusz Makowiecki. The address is stated as ul. Batalionow Chlopskich 1 m. 22, Poland.

Therefore, ‘Joseph Chambers’ is just a pseudo (who does not want to be blasted) because this robot among other robots that are affiliated with it have had a very poor reputation in the past.

MT4 FX ROBOT joseph stock photo

MT4 FX ROBOT1 joseph stock photo

The owner of this Forex expert advisor appears to run other websites as well.

These include,,,,, etc.

Some of those websites are now defunct, which is very suspicious indeed. directs its traffic to MT4 FX Robot. All these sites have had a bad reputation.

Went through customer feedback and found very disgusting things being said about the aforementioned sites.

Most reputable sources recommend high level of caution when dealing with these specific sites and other sites like since they are owned by the same internet fraudsters.

MT4 FX Robot Review

Thanks for stopping by to read this MT4 FX Robot review. I have very nasty things to say about these investment charlatans.

First and foremost, these con artists used to run a managed Forex account service before most of their sites disappeared while others morphed into what we now know as

You basically fund an account with the minimum requested amount of $2000. The cheater trades it in losses and pockets the rest. He has nothing to lose.

Everything about them is fake, right from their email contacts, names etc. This suggests that this project is run by a group of very shrewd individuals, and the aim is to steal, close one website and open another to evade detection.

Several customer complaints on various industry forums have emerged and indicated that these group of scammers are highly sophisticated, hard to trace but easy to fall for.

Their latest creation is the MT4 FX Robot. ‘Joseph Chambers’ says that MT4 FX Robot knows prices in advance before any movement can occur in the next few seconds. Theoretically, this means that the expert advisor cannot lose.

He also claims that MT4 FX Robot has a high TP and very low stop loss. However, you need to remember that the same guy initially explained that this expert advisor is a scalper. That’s highly contradicting.

And of course this is the only real Forex expert advisor where you can begin trading with as little as $100 and in a few days, you will experience parabolic profits.

The idea is that MT4 FX Robot makes quick Forex dollars, and that it’s the only expert advisor that will set you apart from the losers.

Trading performance

These charlatans don’t have a trading record. But of course no scammer will admit to that fact.

So they cobbled results together to show you what this expert advisor is ‘capable of’.

In one instance, we see that MT4 FX Robot turned $252,16 into $48,186 in just 2 days.

mt4 fx robot myfxbook records

Notice the comma in $252,16. We’ve actually been given a screenshot of one of their alleged myfxbook accounts. Looking at that screenshot, we see that this figure is actually $252.16.

So basically, these scammers just turned a deposit of $252.16 to $48,186 in 48 hours, which is not practical.

The scammer then tricks his readers to click a dead link in order to verify that indeed MT4 FX Robot is a magical trading tool, hence the magnificent results in just a short time.

That dead link does not take us to any active myfxbook verified account. In fact, it does not load any page at all.

The next thing that this scammer says is that they withdrew $47,000 from that same account whose myfxbook screenshot was shown above.

scam mt4 fx robot forex ea with records of profits

Now, if you look at this bank statement, it looks like a screenshot that was captured and edited to fit the message. Remember that there is absolutely zero evidence of live trading here.

Instead, we have a bunch of myfxbook screenshots which are clearly fabricated in tune with what these guys are preaching.

The bottom line is that MT4 FX Robot does not have any evidence of live trading. It’s a big fat lie to say that this Forex robot has been making consistent profits ever since it was launched.

Moreover, there is also evidence of fake customer testimonials. Their email addresses have been blacked out for the obvious reasons.


mt4 fx robot review and customer feedback

And of course a few fake comments can be found on the site where MT4 FX Robot is being promoted. It’s a shit show of credibility rather than evidence that this expert advisor is a proven tool for trading the Foreign currency market.

A ridiculously funny development history for MT4 FX Robot

The scammer even claims that with MT4 FX Robot, you can make $110,000 in just a few days. How are they defending this ridiculous statement?

Apparently, they claim that this Forex expert advisor has undergone testing several times and new versions have been released which are immune to broker tricks.

Supposedly, the first version could only work with ”easy brokers”. The second version was released, and it worked well but only with ”regular” brokers.

Now, the third version was released. It worked great but only with a couple of ”tough” brokers.

This led to the production of the 4th version of the MT4 FX Robot which allegedly worked well but only with ECN brokers.

And then there was version 5 that allegedly worked better and fast. It also boasted of features like “Trading Times”, “Maximum Spread”, ”Automatic Order size increase” and many more.

The scammers soon realized that this version of the MT4 FX Robot had some flaws. So version 6 was released in 2011 (take note that this particular website was registered in 2013).

They allegedly added a few more parameters. One that caught my attention was the so-called ”false feed” feature. These investment charlatans claim that this version could detect when Forex brokers were tampering with the price feed, hence it could stop trading when that happens.

Now, with the latest creation, they claim it can even reverse trades if positions go wrong.  So it’s literally impossible to lose money.

Anyway, I do not know if you’re already detecting that these statements are total nonsense?

This is an internet marketer who can go on rambling forever because he’s also good with words. But will never show any evidence of active trading.

So who is Dariusz Makowiecki?

He is an anonymous guy who deliberately chose to call himself Joseph Chambers. On top of that, he decided to use a stock image to represent himself.

Claims to make up to $4,000 on a daily basis using various Forex brokers across the internet. He even knows that there are as many as 350 Forex brokers around the globe.

Has no reputation but is very good with internet marketing. His reputation was ruined long time ago when he promoted scams like arbitrageforexea and many more.

What remains of him is a young man who cons traders on the internet to make a quick buck.

And of course he is keen on defending the question which you’re asking in your mind right now.

Here it is …. ”why is he giving away a robot that makes $110, 000 in a few days?”.

Well, he counters this question by saying that even banks still seek to make more money despite having money already. The more you have, the more you seek.

So in his case, he has a lot but still needs to make more through selling Mt4 FX robot. This does not sound so convincing especially after seeing that this man does not have a reputation. All evidence has been presented for you to see and make your own judgement.

Wrapping things up

Mt4 FX Robot is a scam, that’s the plain simple truth. We thought that it would be kind to save your wallet from this thief since he appears to be ruthless and merciless. Just avoid this trickery and many more like these ones.