MMM Kenya Review: It’s A Scam, Beware

After having a lengthy chat with someone called ‘Jared’ at, I resolved to fearlessly publish this post here. First off, I have very important issues to highlight in this review concerning the website, Kenya MMM. 

And it’s not good news at all. I know some of you might be disappointed with this because you had probably put your faith in this Bitcoin pyramid scheme. Yes, I just called it a Bitcoin pyramid scheme.


MMM Kenya website: Where greedy people lose money to Kenyan fraudsters!

When did MMM Kenya start and many other questions answered

mmm kenya review and website official

The story of MMM Kenya appeared on the Daily Nation website. In that post, it was reported that MMM Global was a fraudulent website owned by some Russian guy. I am assuming that this author did his research to conclude that MMM Kenya was indeed owned by a Russian. 


Then later on, Robert Alai put it up on his Facebook page, warning Kenyans not to fall prey. The same message was directed toward Safaricom (because Kenya MMM uses their Mpesa platform for carrying out transactions) to alert them of the vice.

Anyway, before I resorted to writing this post, I used one of the many free website snooping tools on the internet to try learning who the owner of this site was. 


According to website, the registrant of this site is named Anonymousspeech Anonymousspeech.

Usually, brings up the actual name of the site owner if that person doesn’t see the need to hide their identity. But if their name is not available, then it means that this person must have purchased privacy feature. 

In this case, the owner of MMM Kenya official website chose to sign up with the name Anonymousspeech Anonymousspeech instead.

Moving forward, I see that the website is hosted in Tokyo and not in popular countries like the US and UK where most legitimate business domains in Kenya are hosted at.


I do not wish to get into technical details here. I am just trying to drive a very important point home which Kenyans who have been experiencing sleepless nights searching for terms like ”MMM Kenya cash, MMM Kenya calculator” etc should know. 

It just tells me how Kenyans are desperate to get into these get-rich quick online scams, thinking that any website that looks legitimate is their quick fix to financial troubles.

You see, you might wonder why MMM Kenya has managed to attract such a huge audience and gone unnoticed all this while.

It is now more than a year old, and despite folks losing cash to them, I see many naive young people expressing interest in joining this 50% interest pyramid scheme. 

With my knowledge of Bitcoin, I figured that the reason why this website is still in business is because they are only accepting payments/”Donations” in Bitcoin.

One has to purchase Bitcoin in order to donate to their so-called community of philanthropic individuals who in turn will ”donate enormous amounts” of money to the giver. 

By the way, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer monetary system which cannot be controlled by the central bank.

Unlike the Kenyan Shilling or any other currency in the world, this digital coin is fully controlled by the masses. When you send some Bitcoin to someone, you use a randomly generated address to do so.

That address comprises of numbers, letters and characters. It’s impossible to tell who that money is going to. That also means it cannot be reversed. 

So, how did I arrive here to feel so motivated to write such a post, telling you what no one else has dared to say?


Well, Mike (not his real name) is a friend of mine who joined this system and lost his money. He had invested Ksh5,000, hoping that he would make a handsome profit after just 30 days.

How much is 50% of 5,000? That’s Ksh2500 of profit. Mike was waiting for his profit that month. It is now 3 months since he sent the money in Bitcoin. 


This compelled me to engage with one of their customer representatives on the official MMM Kenya site. I spoke to someone called ”Jared”. Not sure if Jared is his real name. 


The chat with Jared is presented below:


Jared:  Thanks for visiting MMM Kenya official website.


How can I help you?


Me:    Do you have any proof that members are making 50% profit, Jared?


Jared:  Yes, kindly click on testimonials and read.


Me:      I mean, proof in terms of screenshots showing a financial statement, not testimonials because these are highly moderated.


Jared:   Yes, all that you will see in the testimonials


Me:       Ok


Jared:   Great

Me:      So, how exactly do people fund their accounts and how do people receive their profits?


Jared:  First, you have to register and then provide help and after one month, you can ask for help. You earn 50% of the amount you donated. 


You donate to others and then after one month, you can receive  donations for free.


Me:      Is this some sort of a pyramid scheme? Why should I make 50% profit and where does this money come from?


Jared: Bonus comes from other members donating.

Me:    Sir, does it make sense when you say that I will get 50% return when there is no income generating activity going on here, only donating money back and forth? Or you rob Peter to pay Paul and vice versa?☺☺☺☺


Jared: Yes Please, that’s how our community is programmed.


Me:   You mean someone has to lose money to pay someone else? Let’s say I help with USD300 now, and after one month, I will make 50% profit. So where is the difference coming from?


Jared: The difference is awarded by the system but it’s paid for by others  requesting to give help.

Me:    This does not make sense to me sir, what if all members decide to ask for help at the end of the month, on the same date at the same time,  where would all that interest come from?


Jared: That’s why we have programmers to run and handle such issues. MMM came to Kenya in 2015 and is still changing lives. Provided you offer help, you will get help. The community will donate back to you.

Me: Came on. I want us to reason together before I jump in. If a join M-Akiba (government bond), they will trade that money and give me interest because my money was put in business. Money is not generated out of thin air regardless of whether or not you are a programmer. Are you a magician or what?


Jared: No, it’s working and the goal of MMM Kenya is to destroy the unjust financial system and replace it with a system that brings financial  freedom its members.

Me:  I agree with your point. But does it seem plausible to say that a mystical financial system exists in the world where people donate and interest is made from nowhere? In such a financial system, you have to rob someone to pay someone.


Jared: MMM Kenya is a website that offers financial help to people based on gratuitousness, reciprocity and benevolence.


In MMM Kenya, you don’t have to make contracts or pledge property. In MMM Kenya, there are no debts nor lenders.


It is just very simple. One participants asks for help and another one steps in to help them. 


There is no guarantee that you will make any profit. In MMM Kenya website, we donate our spare money to those in need. So don’t treat it like investments because you will lose. 


Honestly, that conversation is long. I just couldn’t type it all here. But at least anyone with a functional brain can see what is going on here.


People are literally donating money to scammers based on gratuitousness or whatever they want to call it. 


My argument was simple: if this was a donation program (like Jared states it), how come that MMM Kenya website is promising financial freedom through Bitcoin. Where is this profit come from? It seems suspicious to me. 


MMM Kenya streams fake testimonials too

I couldn’t bring myself to believe this. With this guy confessing that they literally rob Peter to pay Paul, I was cautious. Just to confirm it, I decided to browse their testimonial section. 

MMM Kenya official website and testimonials
You’d be a fool to believe this crap!
when did mmm kenya start testimonials
Who would believe this nonsense?

This can also be seen right on the homepage where strange individuals claim that they made an enormous amount of money through MMM Kenya.


I wonder who in Kenya donates any money to anyone. With the high unemployment rate crippling pockets in Kenya, it would be irrational to believe that Kenyans are this generous, donating thousands of USD to people through this website. 


If you live in Kenya and have heard an experience with MMM Kenya scam, drop your thoughts and comments below please.

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