Mining in Cloud Review: Is Legit?


Mining in Cloud at is a copycat scam. At the time of writing this review, Mining in Cloud was using the same website template and same exact presentation as It appears that scammers are recycling the same trash in numbers and pushing them to investors as genuine Bitcoin mining opportunities.

As you can see, the price of Bitcoin is on the rise almost on a daily basis. It is only reasonable for scammers to sell snake oil and take advantage of the opportunity. That is why there is an upsurge in the number of Bitcoin mining sites advertising themselves on the internet, mostly using Google ads and also on social media.

Mining In Cloud is one of the many scams we are talking about here. If you didn’t suspect anything with this site, this is your opportunity to learn about it and save your Bitcoin before they can end up in the pockets of an anonymous fraudster.

Note: Legit Bitcoin Mining sites can be found here.

Mining in Cloud Review

First of all, let us start with the owner of this domain. Who exactly is the owner of this domain? Can they be trusted with business?

It is good to ask yourself these questions before sending any Bitcoin to anyone.

Thankfully, the site has given us plenty of hints which will help us towards exercising more precautions. The first hint is that the owner is anonymous. And when people are anonymous and are not willing to reveal their true identities, it becomes risky to do business with them because their motive for refusing to show their identity isn’t clear.

Their website would be the first place to look for their details. Any professional site in this niche will give enough information about the owner, the team members and their experience.

On the other hand, when an ordinary person with no experience in Cryto currency investments decides to set up a website and claim that they are mining Bitcoin on behalf of investors, they will most likely miss these important pages which must appear on their site.

Mining In Cloud is one of those sites that don’t give us any information apart from telling us to send Bitcoin so it can earn profits at the end of the day. If you look at this site, you will only see a Bitcoin mining calculator (a generic one).

You are supposed to believe that the values which this calculator will be showing are real. There is no about us page, no hint on the experience of the team behind this website, or anything that would instill confidence towards this site.

Mining In Cloud is simply a too basic site to trust. If you already have some Bitcoin to invest, hold it until we can find you a legitimate site for your investments. We do not recommend sites that are run by anonymous individuals because that will give them a chance to steal your coins if they aren’t honest. The fact that they have chosen to hide their identity means that they are not honest anyway. And you do not want this to happen to your money regardless of the amount.

Bitcoin Profitability calculator on this site

We hinted that Mining In Cloud has a generic Bitcoin profitability calculator. Why do we call it a generic calculator?

mining in cloud profit calculator

The issue is that this calculator isn’t giving a true picture of what you would earn from Bitcoin mining at the moment. The values are flawed, and this was clearly designed by intention.

It would take a keen eye and experience to sight the flaw in these numbers.

Right now, Mining In Cloud doesn’t have any minimum deposit requirement to mine in the cloud using their service.

The site does not say whether or not a minimum deposit requirement applies. This suggests that people can test their service with any amount which they wish to ”invest”.

Just to be sure that this calculator is flawed and misleading, start with a figure like $100. There are up to 5 crypto currencies that this mining service claims to deal in. Just select the most popular crypto which is Bitcoin.

With $100, you will see that this site is issuing 715 GH/s of hashpower. According to Mining In Cloud, this should earn you anywhere between $14 and $50 daily profits, which the site claims is guaranteed.

That’s good news to the inexperienced investor. One would quickly key in a value like $500, $1000 and so on to visualize what profits they could earn in that case.

Well, the potential income would keep rising with the amount of hashpower that you will buy through Mining In Cloud website — at least theoretically.

Now, use Google to search for the term Bitcoin profitability calculator. Key in the value 715 in GH/s and you will see that this will give you a profit ratio of -67% a day. Profit per month would be -$73 per month. Each day, you will be making a lose of $-2.47.

In other words, Mining In Cloud can’t make you any money with a small investment of $100. Instead, you will be making losses.

My best advice for you

Just like Bitcoin Doubler expert, IQ Mining, House Hash, Mining in Cloud will end up stealing your money. That’s how we see it. The figures on the Bitcoin profit calculator don’t make sense. You’d do yourself a great favor by not donating your coins to them.