Max Pip FX – review


Is Max Pip FX the best Forex signals service? Can you trust that Max Pip FX will deliver profitable and reliable signals?

Well, in this review, I will provide a complete analysis of the signal service.

On the sales page, they claim to provide between 2 to 10 Forex signals on a daily basis.

If you scroll downwards, you will find green bars depicting the performance of this Forex signals service since 2013.

I am not sure if these results can be verified since those bars have not been linked to any myfxbook account to confirm the claims.

Max Pip FX claims to have provided over 3k profitable signals last month.

Therefore, in this review, I will be looking at trading performance, their trading methodology as well as client feedback.

According to this domain inspection tool, the website was created in 2014 and updated in 2017. 2017 is the most likely year the current owner took possession of the domain.

The current owner of Max Pip FX is Julien Detouche. Their physical address is cited as 24 Rue Paul Vaillant Couturier, Neuilly Plaisance, France.

There is no evidence that MaxPipFX has been providing signals since 2013.

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Max Pip FX Review

According to the website, these trading signals are coming from professional traders who use precision methods to determine the quality of trades sent to clients.

These professionals are unfortunately anonymous. There is no way to validate the claim that MaxPip FX is working with professional traders to analyze the market and release signals.

In fact, when it comes to searching for the best Forex signals provider, one of the thing you want to know is what type of a trader you are dealing with as well as their trading methodology. Understand them before you can make a decision.

The strategy of Max Pip FX is based on the Economic Calendar.

max pip fx Forex trading signals

That’s all we are told concerning Maxpip FX. There is no explanation on their trading methodology or approach.

This is a big shortcoming because if you really want to trade signals, you must know the traders you are dealing with. I recently tested and reviewed this platform.  One thing I liked is that those traders’ profiles could be verified. I liked the fact that I was not dealing with strangers, plus there was greater transparency in the way traders and their performance records were presented to the client. Thumbs up! Review – Breakdown of product features sells a Forex subscription signals service for $99 per month.

They trade all pairs and all time frames. As stated earlier, these traders claim to use the economic calendar but are not transparent on what trading methodology they are using.

Max Pip FX is offering 3 plans. If traders purchase signals for 3 months in advance, they get a 10% discount. If they order signals for 6 months in advance, the upfront cost will be $79.

max pip fx price

Each of the 3 plans is bundled with email and sms notification, all pairs trading and support desk help.

The only difference is the pricing of the plans. No extra features were added into one plan and omitted in another. Review – trading performance

A trading statement has been provided by Max Pip FX. After inspecting it, I see that there are over 1700 winners and 7 losers.

In that trading statement, we see that winning rate of these Forex signals is 99.59%. It had gained a profit of 798,055.77 at the time of writing this Max Pip FX review.

The numbers are definitely outstanding if you look at them. But think twice. This page can easily be edited to suit the marketing gimmick of this signals vendor. There is a 100% chance that these results are fake!

The most transparent way to present trading results would be to connect their trading account with Myfxbook or FXblue platforms so we can verify the numbers.

There is just no way you can trust this trading statement without being verified by a third party.

2-10 trading signals on a daily basis should be a lot of trades indeed. However, I do not understand why Max Pip FX is showing us a trading statement which is speaking a different language.

Is Max Pip FX hiding their losers? All I can see is winning trades. Losers are not there and definitely not matching the number of trades which they claim to send out on a daily basis.

Max Pip FX client feedback

There are mixed opinions regarding this signals service. I have checked the FPA forum and discovered that some traders are talking positively while others are expressing disappointments.

However, one trader caught my attention. This trader took it upon themselves to analyze Max Pip FX trading results. They discovered that Max Pip FX has had a draw down of 500 pips.

So that means Max Pip FX is utilizing a dangerous trading methodology which wipes out accounts. I am not surprised.

Max Pip FX Review – the conclusion fails my credibility test because they are not transparent.

I will not consider until they start verifying their results. They must also explain to their audience what trading methodology they are using.