Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated

Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated

When an experienced money manager is trading your Forex account, it means you have entrusted a managed Forex account entity with your money. However, there are some truths that you need to know before you can get yourself into this kind of investing. By simply searching Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated, you will find a random list of Forex portfolio management services and even if they are trading with FCA-regulated brokers, that does not mean you won’t lose your money.

Note: If you are from London, find out how you can get help with managed Forex accounts here.

Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated – what you should know

Does a Forex account manager have control over your account? Some people will say they have no control over your account but the truth is they cannot get money out of your account but can trade it still. So in my opinion, this is actually having control over someone’s trading account. And as long as a Forex managed account service has control over your accounts, problems can arise if the money manager is not experienced or is just an outright fraud.

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The problem is that a Forex money manager can still burn your account just as a gambler newbie does when they get into Forex trading the first time. The issue is whether to trust account manager A or B.

People who get into the Forex market lose a lot of money and there is always the urge to deposit more money hoping that they will recoup their losses. These people often turn to fully Forex managed accounts because they seem to be the quickest fix or route to revenge.

They bump into a money manager as soon as they search ”Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated” on Google. The Forex account manager tells them how they can make big profits with extremely low risk. Sure, if you have a big account, say a $50,000 trading account, you can trade with low risk because of your massive buying power and low leverage combined. But what if an account manager tells you that you can earn a living right away with $1000 and that they will take small risks to ensure that your first month’s profit is big enough? This is cheap talk.

We call it get-rich-quick, and it is one of the things we warn investors who want to join our fully managed Forex accounts services here.

The minimum investment is $1000 but we cannot lie to you that we will multiply or triple this capital in the first month. We also cannot lie to you that you will soon earn a living from this small investment because those who trade for a living actually have a big account so that even if risk is taken care of in a professional manner, the account is still able to generate substantial profit for the investor who wants to fully depend on trading for a living.

How our Forex Portfolio management services can suit the most skeptic investor of all

Many people have developed skepticism because of the reputation associated with managed Forex accounts services. Some people have a phobia of being scammed. But the best thing is that if you find a fully managed Forex account service that is actually transparent, then there is nothing to be afraid of.

At this point, your issue would be whether you really need to invest with a Forex portfolio management service. The determining factors would be whether you want to invest in the Forex market and two, whether you have the knowledge, experience or time to trade for yourself.

If you want to invest in the Forex market (because indeed this market has a lot of potential to generate for you real income), then your work becomes easier because it is a matter of evaluating your knowledge and availability of time.

You can learn to trade and actually become a professional trader or you can simply leave matters in the hands of a reliable Forex account manager.

You should know the following about our fully managed Forex account service

(1) Your account is in your name and that means we have no control over deposits or withdrawal of funds. Also, funds are kept in a segregated account with a FCA-regulated broker

(2) You will sign a document called LPOA before you start investing with our managed account service. Limited Power of Attorney gives us the authority to trade your account on your behalf

(3) We are transparent. If you want to see our documented live performance, just ask us and we will share our Myfxbook account link with you. Reality check here.

What am trying to say here is that even if you signed up for Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated services, you’d would still lose money if you trusted a bad professional. In every industry there are good and bad professionals. Just keep this in mind.

The second and final bit is that you can’t expect these
Managed Forex Accounts UK FCA Regulated businesses to have winning trades only without a loss. If a money manager claims that they are always winning trades, this will most likely be a scam. Run away as fast as your legs can carry you.

Having said this, we hope that you will make up your mind and invest wisely. We provide 19% monthly returns with our fully managed Forex accounts. You might want to join us.

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