Managed Forex Accounts in UAE

Managed Forex Accounts in UAE

UAE has always been in my mind and today, this article is solely addressed to Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents who are interested in managed Forex accounts in UAE.

In as much as Dubai residents are wealthy, they also show interest in online trading of currencies. That is where we come in because we offer managed Forex accounts to UAE residents.

Let me tell you a story. This is definitely an interesting country. I was looking at its lost-and-found statistics and what I read was quite intriguing. In 2015, a traveler left £35,000 in a Dubai airport toilet cubicle and this was returned to her.

In the first 4 months of 2016, £9,000 in cash was abandoned in the airport’s lost property. Law enforcers also reported that two diamond rings worth £33,400 were handed over to the airport authorities.

But the phrase ”most Duba residents are wealthy” does not imply that all are wealthy. That is why a good number of UAE residents are interested in
managed Forex accounts.

So, what do we mean by Managed Forex accounts? Is this kind of investment ideal for guys in the UAE?

Managed Forex accounts in UAE

In Forex trading, we buy and sell currencies for profits. The main currencies that we deal in are US dollars, British Pound, Australian dollars, Japanese Yen and the Euro.

managed forex accounts in dubai

This is one kind of investment that does not require a big capital investment as $1000 can get you started. Depending on how you approach it, you might want to learn trading so you can do it on your own or use a fully managed Forex account service (PAMM or MAM).

A Forex portfolio management service enables investors to utilize the expertise of professional Forex traders for a specific fee. This fee is only charged when profits have been made in an investor’s account. Otherwise, no deductions are made.

Traders who offer managed Forex accounts in UEA often need the investor (client) to sign a contract that will give the trader the rights to trade the account of the client. This document is called an LPOA.

Dubai Financial Authority and their role in managed Forex accounts

The Dubai Financial Services Authority regulates all entities that provide financial and investment services to residents of UAE.

For a Forex portfolio management service to legally operate in Dubai, they must follow certain rules and regulations which are mostly designed to ensure that the safety of investors’ funds in the hands of PAMM account providers is observed.

A reputable Forex broker whom your money manager works with should be well-regulated by a recognized financial regulator for the PAMM/MAM account provider to be able to trade their clients funds legally.

As a MAM account investor, what can you expect?

If you invest in managed Forex accounts in UAE, you have a peace of mind because these accounts are fully managed by an experienced money manager.

They are simple and quick to open. Utilizing the services of a money manager can be far advantageous than going it alone.

In my opinion, it is riskier to personally trade your funds than to leave them in the hands of an experienced trader. Since a professional money manager has experience, the risk of losing your funds is controlled in a professional manner.

The other benefit of investing in a MAM account is that you can withdraw your funds as you wish. There is no restriction on when to withdraw and when not to withdraw funds.

And of course the cost of getting started with managed Forex accounts in UEA is inexpensive. The commission that is charged is most of the time negligible and the more you invest in this account, the less the commission you will pay out of your profits.

How to get started with our Forex Portfolio management services

It’s very easy. You will sign up with our recommended broker so you can create a live account that is funded with $1000 or more. From here onward, the account will be linked to our master account (MAM) and we will start making money for you while you relax.

Support for Dubai residents

We provide all-round support to our clients through email and Whatsapp (+254740955210).

All your questions regarding Forex managed accounts in UAE or elsewhere will be answered promptly.


Managed Forex accounts are a good thing and if you are considering this kind of investment, go for it without a second thought.

We will provide you with consistent monthly returns and excellent support. If you have any questions, please ask us.

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