Make Money with our Forex and Cryptocurrency Signals

Alright, I begin by asking…. are you a casino owner or a customer? What are the chances that you can beat the Forex market? Odds are stacked against you. Brokers are the casinos and you are their customer. A true ECN broker does a good job but it is no different than a casino because the market will still swallow your money if you don’t know what to give and what to hold.

I want to help you trade like a professional and be on the right side at all times. Will you join me?

While my Forex and Cryptocurrency trading course is still intact and coaching is offered to anyone who would like to learn how to trade on their own, this Forex signals subscription service is suitable for the ”lazy trader”. I mean, just copy paste my signals and you’re good to go.

What you can expect with this premium Forex signal service (subscription-based)

  • Up to 200 pips per week on email/whatsapp


  • 24/5 support to all subscribers


  • Detailed analysis and explanation of the signals sent to you


  • Take Profit and Stop loss is provided


  • 60-70% win rate (note: you can still make money with my signals even with 50% win rate). I use the best Risk-Reward strategies in my Forex signals, hence you will make money even if it’s just 50%.

N/B: I am a professional swing trader with a significant chunk of my portfolio is dedicated towards trading. Actually, I have 30% of my investment on Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

I have included my trading performance (most current as at the time of editing this page) from one of my broker accounts below. Contact me here or scroll below to subscribe if you need signals or trading system which I’m using to automate my signals.

trading statement forex octafx performance

trading performance statement forex

Notice the number of pips made in the last column of the trading statement. Also, win rate is actually very high as there are only 4 losers out of 23 trades. I do not put emphasis on win rate though as I work with risk reward ratios. Contact me here to learn more

trading performance analysis

Screenshot of one of my trades in July 12, 2018


That said, if you subscribe to join my Telegram/Whatspp group, I will give you up to 6 Forex signals on a weekly basis.

If you’d like to trade Cryptocurrency pairs, I have a separate signal service for that too.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at [email protected].

For $39 only, you can trial my signals for 1 week. Usually you will recoup the money in less than a week.

And if satisfied, join my Telegram channel/Whatsapp group where you will receive at least 6 winning signals per week. This service costs $199 per month and you make much more. 

Do you want to trial for $39 and pay with PayPal or Mastercard? Click the Payment button below and please note: If you like the service after a week of enjoying my signals, inform me so I can approve renewal of your subscription for $199 a month.