M9 Bitcoin Review – M9Bicoin.com Is a Poor Scam!

M9 Bitcoin Review – M9Bicoin.com Is a Poor Scam!

When I do a quick investigative analysis on M9Bitcoin, I realize that it is ranking well in the United States and also has a global rank of 47K. No wonder internet users are interested in searching phrases like M9 Bitcoin Login, M9 Bitcoin Reddit, M9 Bitcoin review and so on. If you have ever searched for these terms and are now reading this M9 Bitcoin review, you will learn that this is a Cryptocurrency investment scam that is about to collapse.

There are only 3 reliable ways to invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other mainstream coins. You can mine them with credible cloud mining companies.

If not, you can trade them, meaning that you have to find and work with these reliable brokers or exchange. Or you could take the route of a long term investor with the nerves of steel. This option requires us to buy and hold a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin because surely Bitcoin will be here 50 years from now. In the meantime, its price will skyrocket like in 2017. It will probably hit the $50,000 mark 2 years from now.

But if you are a beginner and have no idea where to start, it would be sensible to acquire proper training here. We don’t just invest without the proper knowledge that will help us learn how to navigate the complex Cryptocurrency investment industry.

Back to M9Bitcoin.

The reason M9Bitcoin is an investment scam is because it is masquerading as a portfolio management company for trading Cryptocurrencies. Yet they do not reveal the traders behind this operation or anything else to do with their credibility.

This company M9 Bitcoin allegedly wants to share their profits with you. That is why they are offering 6 different investment plans. Returns can go up to 3% per day, which means 90% per month.

Is M9Bitcoin speaking any truth here?

M9 bitcoin review

M9Bitcoin Review

This is obviously an absurd situation when someone tells you that they can help you generate 90% as your monthly returns. This is the reason why M9 Bitcoin has been blacklisted, just like several other scam operations i.e Quickmining, Cryptolux, Bitcoin Sprinkler, Bitfinity, Bitorion, Bitcoin Miner 365 and many others.

90% per month is clearly an insane figure. No legitimate Bitcoin trading or mining operation is generating 90% per month.

M9bitcoin investment plans

Also, due to the unpredictable Cryptocurrency market, you cannot guarantee such a high return unless you are planning to scam victims.

The markets keep changing, and it is impossible to promise the same fixed daily returns. How will you generate these returns in the event that the market failed to yield as expected?

M9 Bitcoin Review: an illegal investment operation

First of all, this site is making a very big mistake by claiming that they are based and are regulated in the United States.

We can confirm that M9Bitcoin Ltd is not a company in the US. There is no such company registered or regulated in the US.

These scammers are even not providing contact or regulatory information to help prove their assertions. There is only a Facebook page dedicated to this scam, and it’s not serving any purpose in validating the credibility of the website.

What this means to the average investor is that M9 Bitcoin will disappear with their money. It is so risky to trust them with any amount.

M9Bitcoin Review – How it works

This platform is only playing an illegal financial game. It is a ponzi scam. The anonymous owner shall collect deposits from the public in order to initially fund a few withdrawal requests.

Since this is not a reliable and stable business, the thing will eventually collapse because there is no reserve to pay out the ROIs. Meanwhile, the anonymous owner will escape with 90% of funds deposited by the public.


M9 Bitcoin is going to collapse soon and investor funds will disappear. That’s for a fact.

If you want to make money as a Cryptocurrency investor, you will need to find a reliable broker and start trading. This may involve learning and developing your strategy before you can ever start making money.

Otherwise, drop your comments below. Good luck!

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