Review: London E-Management is a Scam

| | 0 Comments is the copy cat version of an FCA-approved wealth management firm called London and Capital. The website is primarily in French but claims to be regulated by the FCA except that the details which they are giving us belong to London and Capital.

The address which they are citing on their website ”London Emanagement Ltd, 26 Billiter Street, EC3M 2RY, UK” does not match a real physical address as Google maps only returned a partial match.

London Emanagement LTD is supposedly the corporate entity that governs the investment activities of London E-Management.

A quick investigation on any search engine reveals that no such company has ever been registered in the UK.

There is only a PDF document that came up in the search but this was hosted on the London E-management website itself, a source of unreliable information.

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London E-Management review

It is not very clear whether London E-Management is operating as a broker or a wealth manager.

On one side, they claim to offer trading education, seminars and an MT4 platform where independent traders can execute their trades. But on the other, London E-Management claims that they are a world class manager and international broker who has operated for the last decade.

London E-Management has also posted their user statistics which portrays them as a very successful business entity as they claim to have opened more than 42,000 user accounts with 9 million trades being effected to this day,

I feel that this is a cheap marketing trick because when I run the domain on, I can’t even see what size of traffic is coming to this site on a daily basis.

I mean the traffic is so insignificant that even Alexa has not picked up the numbers. This usually happens when a website is brand new.

This means that we should automatically disqualify the claim that London E-Management has existed for a decade.

London E-Management review: what exactly do they offer?

They claim to offer more than 100 instruments in Forex, CFDs and Futures. They also claim that pips can be as low as zero.

I obviously don’t agree with the statement that they are offering zero pips because this is how a broker makes his profits.

There is no real broker out there who is charging zero pips because if they did it, they would close shop tomorrow.

About the FCA warning

There is no valid reason why London E-Management should clone the details of a legit investment brokerage and parade it as their own.

This has attracted the attention of the FCA and there is a warning on the regulator’s website pointing out this fact.

Obviously you can’t ignore this problem because the financial regulators are always right and only the people who have committed the mistakes are to be blamed.


I have a difficult time trying to believe that London EManagement is even a broker in the first place.

There are lots of websites that operate in this manner but they always make themselves loud and clear that they are brokers.

Also, I wouldn’t recommend London EManagement for the simple reason that they are untraceable and are using the licensing details of another company to fool investors. You need to stay away from such scams.

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