Legit Bitcoin Doubler Sites: Are There any?


When I look into Reddit forums, I often see people asking where the best Bitcoin Doubler Sites are on the internet. Others want to know how they can multiply their Bitcoins in 1 hours or less since they’ve heard that Bitcoin Doubler sites are the quickest way to make free coins and build wealth.

Are these sites real, or is it that people are just in love with pursuing Unicorns and Dragons?

Well, let’s approach it from this angle. Bitcoin is the hottest thing right now. It’s more valuable than Ethereum, Dash, Lite Coin you name it.

Scammers on the other hand, love to capitalize on opportunities to cash in where the masses are ignorant.

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Just in case you don’t understand what Bitcoin is and how it works, I shall recap the topic for you briefly. Basically, this is a form of virtual currency that is not controlled by any government or central bank. Instead, its use is governed by software.

Bitcoin has never been understood by so many people. In fact, just a few of us know that once Bitcoin exchanges hands, it cannot be replicated or used again.

The rest of us, which form 70% of the population know very little about Bitcoin mining and trading. Thus you can see that a number of Bitcoin Doubler sites have popped up, and they are all baying for your wallet. Yes, there is no legitimate Bitcoin Doubler site in the world. Get it from me.

The reason why people are getting scammed by these sites is because most people who intend to speculate on Bitcoin are generally ignorant.

Am sorry to say so. These people believe that the price of BTC will continue to rise forever or until Christ comes back. But the reality is that this is not the case. In fact, this digital currency is quite volatile. You never know what it may look like tomorrow.

But on the other hand, Bitcoin Doubler scams would want you to believe that the price of BTC will rise forever, and that opportunity to cash in will always be there regardless of the nature of the market.

I like this report by Zerofox. It gives me insights on the dark nature of Bitcoin. You might want to read and rethink it at your own free time.

Best Bitcoin Doubler Sites: All of them are scams, and here’s why

Scammers have introduced the concept of pyramid schemes in this niche. There are literally hundreds if not thousands of Bitcoin Doubler fake sites out there. These sites aggressively market their dirty linen using Google ads, hence when you query Google with the terms ”Best Botcoin Doubler Sites”, you will end up with at least 4 advertisements at the top.

What surprises me is that all the sites which run these ads have the words ”Bitcoin doubler” in their domain names. Maybe it’s good for SEO or something. But the most logical explanation here is that they want to catch the eye of someone who thinks that doubling Bitcoin through them is as easy as donating your coins and leaving the rest in their hands. It’s like most people who search for these scams have an affinity for the phrase ”Bitcoin Doubler”.

Some fake sites are really hard to detect, while others are blatant, and their true intent can be recognized from the word go.

The idea behind this Bitcoin pyramid scheme is that if you invest a small amount of Bitcoin, you will have it doubled in the next 1 hour or 100 hours. You do not have to lift a finger because profits are generated on auto-pilot.

These scam Bitcoin sites usually combine multi-level marketing with the concept of high yield investments program (HYIP).

Since this area is very grey to most people, they will ask you to deposit money in form of Bitcoin so that they can multiply it. How do they multiply it?

Well, some of them will say that they have this magical tool called Bitcoin generator which mines coins on auto-pilot round the clock. You only have to sign up with one IP address and one account because if you sign up with more than one account, scammers will ban you.

I almost feel like laughing when I see these Bitcoin Doubler scam sites warning speculators that they will be banned if they open multiple accounts with the so-called Bitcoin Generator site.

All scammers in this niche run some sort of referral program where investors are promised crazy amounts of commissions when they introduce new members.

It would be very tempting to introduce a friend or a family member into this kind of thing.

The scammer is quite clever. He makes sure that he has you on focus throughout the rest of his game.

So what does he do? Well, at the end of the investment cycle, they may pay you a small profit to keep you re-investing. They want to spread the word about their ”Bitcoin Doubler site”.

They want as many depositors as possible to join them. At some point in time, they will just close shop and run away with everybody’s money. That’s a guarantee.

How to stay safe from Bitcoin Doubler scam sites

Of course the only way to keep your Bitcoin safe is to stay away from any site that claims they will double or multiply your Bitcoin.

There are two categories of these scams. There are those who mine it on your behalf and there are those who purport to sell Bitcoin trading software.

Scammers have mastered the art of selling products in these two categories. Of course not all Bitcoin mining and trading products are scams. But majority are.

If you think that a BTC mining or trading opportunity is legitimate, please ask them if they can accept payment using other forms like MasterCard, Visa and the rest. I prefer making deposits using conventional forms of payment because that way, I can at least request a charge back if I get scammed. There are many online services that can help you get your money back if you lose it this way. But remember, if you deposit in Bitcoin to a site that claims to double investors’ coins in 100 hours, you won’t recover it, period.