Learn To Trade Review: Is Learntotrade.co.uk the Real Deal?

So, here comes a review of a very interesting money-making opportunity called Learn to Trade at Learntotrade.co.uk.

This website is registered under the company name ‘Investment Marketing Solutions Ltd’.

The one Greg Secker who owns this company does not have a track record of Forex success. He has only experienced consistent failures in his history of trading, and that explains why he is a ‘Forex mentor’ rather than a trader. Inexperienced people can make a lot of money as Forex mentors and not as traders.

Does Secker even hold an active Forex account? We doubt it. Does he demo trade? Probably. This is important because without a demo account, no one would believe his ‘trading prowess’.

greg secker of learn to trade uk
Greg Secker of learn to trade uk

His website states very clearly that Learn To Trade UK is for educational purposes only. This means that you should never take his words as investment advice. Two, you should never blame him for your losses.

Investigations reveal that this company registered its website back in 2008 with the aim of training newbies how to consistently gain from Forex trading.

Unfortunately, Learn To Trade is nothing different from the regular nonsensical day trading schools you’ve seen on the internet.

Their so-called Forex training is gobbledygook in nature, offering nothing other than industry jargon which can’t be practically translated into consistent real Forex profits.

Learn To Trade frequently hosts free workshops in the UK with the aim of capturing a big clientele. The emphasis here is FREE. If you attend or bring a few friends along with you (usually up to 3 people), you and your friends will receive a free Ultimate Forex Gift Pack.

Inside this gift pack, you will receive an e-Book named ‘Wealth Secrets of Serious Money Makers” and a 4-part video series named the ”Secret Formulas of the Super Rich’.

Now, ask yourself. If this package is so brilliant in the sense that it contains secrets to making quick riches in Forex, why should a smous spend a significant part of his time hawking it as a Free gift for attending the workshop?

Why are these investment hawkers not making those millions right in the comfort of their bedrooms using their own secrets?

I know for a fact that the Forex futures market was not intended for naive punters who peg their decisions to buy or sell currencies using dubious yet expensive automated tools of trading.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Forex trading is profitable indeed. However, if you get too consumed with the sweet words of charlatan salesmen who offer all types of Forex trading products for a price, you will definitely donate all your life savings to the market.

Products offered by Learn To Trade UK

In order to become ‘proficient’, this trading ‘back hole’ offers a smorgasbord of Forex products which they claim will change your financial future.

Learn To Trade UK offers one-on-one professional coaching where learners are taught how to pull the trigger in a safe and supervised environment. The ‘professionals’ allegedly help traders create a plan for their trading which will help them amass wealth on a consistent basis.

In addition to this, traders are required to make a commitment that they shall be accountable to their success.

And of course there is the workshop part of it which you must attend to get introduced to Greg Secker’s group of ”professional day traders”.

They’ll teach you price action basics, advanced price action, risk management, trading plan, and many more.

learn to trade uk day trading school products review
Topics covered

However, before customers are given the green light to start jumping through the flaming hoops, Greg and his team introduces the class to some gibberish terminology like Cyclicity, Income Wave, 180 Profit Booster, Inter Bank Radar, Pip Runner etc.

Within a few days, learners are given the green light to start making money because they have suddenly become experts in trading. Nevertheless, the cost of going through all this is not revealed. I do not want to imagine that it’s free in any shape or form. No one gives a grand pantheon of secrets for free, don’t you think?

A critical look into this Cirque Du Soleil trading school

The million dollar question that you should be asking yourself is ….. what does Greg stands to gain by training you for free -according to his words? And if indeed his secrets are priceless, why is he donating them to every Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to learn the magic of trading Forex and making a lot of money in a short time?

Quite frankly, I don’t know the answer to those questions. It just sounds stupidly too good to be true.

But perhaps we could take the following scenarios and relate them to what this website is offering:

Chances are that this Forex training workshop is a doorway to getting ”hooked” by this company. Once you’re in, Greg and his team of skilled internet marketers will pitch you all manner of Forex training courses and products. These have not been mentioned on the website because Learn To Trade UK wants to make you believe that the entire training is FREE.

Scenario B: If indeed Learn To Trade is offering Free training as well as free tools for trading the FX market, then chances are that they will ask you to sign up with Forex brokers through integrated affiliate links on that website.

So, how does Learn to Trade make money in this arrangement? Definitely you’ll fund your Forex account to start implementing ‘what you have just learned’. At this point, Greg will love you because he earns commissions every time you fund your account and trade it.

These are the only options that Learn To Trade has in order to recoup the time lost in ‘training you how to trade Forex profitably’.

Contacting Learn to Trade

Despite the horrendous stupid claims that Greg and his team would give you his trading secrets for free, I decided to contact him to learn more about his product offers.

The big question, ”Why do you offer free training and secondly, do you have a verified broker statement to prove your claims?”

Majority of these ”bucket shop” operations simply play tricks on customers. This particular one caught my attention because it was touting free training and coaching in exchange for nothing. Could this be an opportunity to lose your money in the name of free Forex training? I wondered.

Anyway, Greg answered that they were hosting Forex workshops in the UK to create awareness of their product among potential customers. However, there was no explanation as to why exactly the training was free or what he and his team gained in that arrangement.

When asked about a verified broker statement to prove that Learn to Trade is profitable, I was told that this website was meant for educational purposes only.

In other words, any customer who takes Greg’s advice seriously will lose money in the process. Now, you’ve got to rot in hell when that happens because he is not responsible??.

Yes, Greg admitted that he was in charge of all operations undertaken by Learn to Trade.

This led me to explain to him that I had a big problem with ‘bucket shop’ companies that claimed to train people how to trade for Free.

I needed to know if Greg or any of his team had a verified broker account. On top of that, I wanted to know who the broker-dealer operating in tandem with this company was.

The answer which I got showed that Greg was evasive and had nothing to show for his countless Forex workshops which he frequently holds in the UK. It turns out that the testimonials which you see on this site are fabricated as well.

Finally, the conversation closed with something like ”Give me a moment, will contact you later”. Up to now, I have never heard from him.


At least we can confirm that this company isn’t offering free training because such training costs money elsewhere.

Secondly, Greg does not have a verified track record for trading success. His income is generated by selling Forex trading products.

From what I can see, this appears to be a Russian Roulette opportunity for suckers or the extremely ignorant. Avoid.

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