Kryptonex Research Group Review: Laughable Scam

Sweden is working very hard to transition into a cashless economy and this has attracted scams like Kryptonex Research Group to mislead Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The Swedish central bank has even devised plans to have clear KYC and AML guidelines for Cryptocurrencies. You know that this is the main area that financial regulators across the globe are grappling with and may end up finding a solution similar to what Sweden has already done.

Now, the issue with Kryptonex Research Group, whose domain ( does not reflect the name of the group, is that it is misleading investors by claiming that they have the authority of the Swedish government to act as the country’s official broker for the Cryptocurrency.

From the word go, Kryptonex is a fake ICO. The price of the coin is currently at 0.91€. The scam is asking ”investors” to buy at least 250€ worth of this fake coin on the promise that the value of one coin will soon rise from the current 0.91€ to 5,000€.

This is quite ridiculous if you view it from the perspective that Kryptonex Research Group is only lying about being the official broker and representative of the Swedish government to create the digital version of the Krona.

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Kryptonex Research Group Review

kryptonex research group review

The main function of the landing page where this scam is hosted at is to make ”investors” deposit money with an unscrupulous broker in the name of ”investing” in an ICO.

The faceless crooks behind Kryptonex Research Group get paid by the unregulated broker when they refer unsuspecting investors to the broker’s platform.

To do so, they have to mixed bits of truths with lies. The truth is that they are taking advantage of Sweden’s recent move to adapt their own Cryptocurrency called e-Krona.

However, the lie is that Kryptonex Research Group is claiming that Sweden has endorsed Kryptonex and will be using it as their official Cryptocurrency.

Swedish National Bank has published the Cryptocurrency’s first interim report which can be found on this page.

Nowhere in that report do you find mention of Kryptonex. So this means that the story that Kryptonex Research Group is propagating is entirely made up.

To fool investors even more, the Kryptonex Research Group scam has even gone ahead to create a fake Coindesk news page about Kryptonex to try making it look real.

That fake page is called Coinvest but the website’s domain is called This page no longer loads when opened. However, when it was still live on the internet, everything that we clicked on the page led us back to the official Kryptonex website.

It appears the idea has since flopped which is why the fake page is no longer working.

The fake news page for Coinvest looked like this:

coinvest Kryptonex scam

Now, the real Coindesk website:


This copy paste job is meant to fool you into believing that this is a credible investing opportunity. All texts and links were redirecting to the Kryptonex scam website before it went offline.

Kryptonex Research Group review – what is the conclusion?

Kryptonex is trying to appeal to those who are willing to invest in the country’s new Crypto currency but have little time to do their own due diligence.

They are looking to prey on the ignorance of these people by making them believe that price will grow exponentially, thanks to the government of Sweden endorsing the coin which Kryptonex scam is also endorsing.

If you invest in this kind of coin, you will definitely lose your money. It is not legit just like Plus Token and all the rest.

Thanks for reading the Kryptonex Research Group review. If you have any questions or remarks to add, please do so in the comment section.

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