Krypto Pundits Review: It’s a Scam


There is an investment scam going round on the internet called Kryptopundits. These guys will definitely wipe your account clean because the minimum deposit they are asking for is $5,000. The website is hosted at and looks very attractive and to some extent authentic.

Note: For those of you looking for a genuine Forex robot/expert advisor, this page has a proper guide on which robots to invest in.

The investment scam claims that they are generating 50% monthly returns from binary options, Forex and Cryptocurrency trading in addition to mining. The alleged asset and fund management website cannot substantiate their claims of having generated at least 50% monthly returns for their investors.

Besides, the website is anonymously registered and so it’s quite hard to establish who owns or runs this business. This can be a perfect haven for duping gullible investors who might easily fall for the lie that 50% returns a month is possible.

Before you sign up and deposit your hard-earned money into the Kryptopundits scam, we urge you to carefully read this review. But if you are seriously looking to invest in a managed Crypto asset fund, your safest bet would be to invest your money with these guys.

At least returns are reasonable plus we’ve heard a couple of investors saying they’ve made good returns from a deposit of 0.1 Bitcoin only.

Kryptopundits Review

Krypto pundits tells the investment community that they are interested in providing wealth management plans to their clients so they can meet their financial goals in addition to forging long-term relationships with their investors.

kryptopundits review

They claim to invest in Crypto mining using their own Crypto mining algorithm. In addition to this, they want investors to think that Kryptopundits provides fixed returns through asset and fund management which involves investing in real estate, commodities and international investments. There is no evidence of this kind of investing anywhere on their site.

When they want to take advantage of ”flexible” market conditions, Krypto pundits claims that they trade Forex and binary options. This is allegedly going to offer a monthly fixed return of at least 50%. Total hogwash!

About the team that runs Krypto pundits

First of all, nothing is known about the people who run this website. It is not clear whether this is a one-man army or a team of individuals since their about us page fails to disclose this information.

Their about us page only claims that Krypto pundits strives to bring the most advanced technology to develop tools which will allow their clients invest with confidence and success.

They also claim to provide outstanding customer support but we all know that this information should never be provided in any website’s about us page. They should be very specific with the trading community, i.e offer investors information about their names, trading experience, track record and years of operation (if possible point out where they have worked at).

This information was instead published in their ”team” section of the website where they reveal a couple of photos of people who allegedly work in the top management of Krypto pundits.

They claim that somebody called Richard Walton is the CEO of KRYPTOPUNDITS but the problem is that I can’t seem to connect the dots very well. After researching all over the internet, I couldn’t find any traces of a person called Richard Walton in relation to his position in this company.

This is the case with other supposed members of the Krypto pundits scam website. They are either stock photos or an attempt to impersonate real people with real investment operations elsewhere. So this is a big red flag.

Is Krypto pundits a pure scam?

I can guarantee you that just like Lady F Trader here, Kryptopundits is 100% scam meant to dupe you at least 5k of your savings. It is better to try a reliable Crypto fund that has a small minimum deposit and once you gain confidence in their work, you can gradually increase your deposit to earn more. That kind of investing is provided here.

Let’s look at the investment plans provided by Krypto pundits. You will see that the scam has 3 different types of investment plans called standard, economy and executive.

kryptopundits plans

Economy and executive investment plans start at $20,000 and $50,000 respectively. Don’t even think you can fund such an account and earn a penny.

Imagine these crooks are even claiming that their executive investment plan generates a monthly return of 80%. This is almost like saying you’ll earn more than half of your deposit in a span of 30 days.

There is no market or place that you can invest in the world to make such returns. Anyone making those claims is definitely a fraud as we can see in this website.

Don’t fall for the sign up bonus either. This is a trick meant to persuade you that Krypto pundits is offering generous bonuses in addition to genuine investment plans.

As we have stated, this is a scam because the returns are too good to be true and secondly, it is anonymously managed.


You need to think twice before investing your money on the internet. When something looks too good to be true, you should think twice because this is generally the first red flag to consider.

Krypto pundits is trying to fool guys with their too good to be true returns. And of course you don’t want to trust anonymous people. Keep off this scam.