Kaizen Global Review: Reza Mokhtarian At It Again


Thanks for stopping by to read this Kaizen Global review. Basically, douche bag Reza MOKHTARIAN is back with a huge bang. He is the CEO of the so-called Kaizen Global International, a multi-level marketing company that deals with all products related to online trading of stocks, futures, Forex, commodities and other paraphernalia.

mentor tips review: reza-mokhtarian beaten by 10 men in Canada
Reza after he was beaten up like a rabid dog by assailants whom he had allegedly stolen money from

Kaizen Global is an extension of a scam project known as Mentor Tips. The link which I gave in the first paragraph will take you to the page where I reviewed Mentor Tips by Reza Mokhtarian in great details.

What we can learn from that review is that Reza is an experienced con artist who can go into great lengths, just to get money out of your pocket.

Some time in October 2016, the Toronto-based scammer was even fined a sum of $5000 for defrauding members of the public. His arrest was facilitated by the Ontario Securities Commission.

Why exactly was Reza being arrested despite being the victim on the receiving end of a mob-justice like beating?

Well, apparently, Reza had opened a Forex brokerage firm called Capital Trust Markets back in 2010.

This was a one-man army Forex brokerage operation where this charlatan would simply fleece depositors and use that money to fund his expensive lifestyle.

The son-of-a-bitch would simply use his great marketing tactics to sucker in as many investors as possible. Then he would use a fake trading platform to pull the strings quietly on the back-end while traders are oblivious of this fact.

This would results in these traders losing several thousands of dollars because Reza was using Capital Trust Markets as his personal piggy bank.

Later on, he would shut down the brokerage firm and then disappear with his depositors’ money.

The irony is that despite being assaulted by a group of ten guys who were suspected to be his former customers and victims of his fraudulent business, the courts never went after his assailants.

Instead, they slapped Reza Mokhtarian with a fine of $5,000 as announced by CTV News Canada. Reason being, he had breached the Criminal Code sometime between July 2013 and December 2015.


Kaizen Global Review

the launch, the operations and other nitty gritty details

Kaizen Global liaises with a company known as GLOBAL VISIONARIEZ. What exactly is Global Visionariez?

This is basically a group of people who do promotions, marketing and recruiting for Kaizen Global.

If you want to become a part of Global Visionariez, you must first join Kaizen Global. Sometimes you may hear members of this company referring to Reza as their head. But in reality, these are two separate entities that gain mutual benefits from each other. The common unifying factor is you and your money.

The Role of Global Visionariez in details

When you join Kaizen Global network under one of their recruiters at Global Visionariez, that person gets paid a commission of X amount of money by Kaizen Forex for recruiting and maintaining you there.

However, to entice you to make up your mind and join them, they first lure you with false promises which include a number of unbelievable membership benefits.

They tell you that if you join Kaizen Global under them, you will gain access to a secret Facebook and Telegram channel where you can receive a number of undisclosed benefits.

The salesman often tells you that another great benefit for joining under them is the ” special knowledge and training” which they will give you as an incentive. This is only exclusive to them.

Now, of course they will charge you an additional fee. No Forex mentor gives their training for free. They have always fleeced naive traders using this sort of trickery anyway.

In as much as Kaizen Global membership charges a fee for subscribing and probably maintaining your membership there, these third-party entities who force you to join under them will also charge a fee, usually in the excess of $500. Never mind, ‘exclusive mentorship is expensive’.

Other ways of enticing naive opportunity-seekers on the internet is by displaying sheer wealth of money power. It’s an opportunity to showcase luxurious cars, airline tickets to expensive holiday destinations, stacks of dollar bills and of course fake screenshots of their supposed MT4 trading performance.


This YouTube video seeks to recruit members into the Kaizen Global network. This is how they mainly attract the attention of unsuspecting members of the public.


Youths between the ages of 18 and 25 are fodder for Kaizen Global

Kaizen Global masquerades as the legitimate alternative for those who tend to dissociate themselves from the mainstream University education and ultimately 9-5 daily grind, which a lot of people already hate.

The economic prospects for this group of people is not favorable. This makes them vulnerable to rogue organizations like Kaizen Global.

Kaizen Global Review: a look into the other side of the coin

While it’s an MLM company on one hand, it is also a trading educational company/website.

In this website, Reza claims that he’s got what it takes to make you a proficient trader. If you only trust him with your money, he will teach you, give you access to his magical trading tools and lead you by hand until you are a successful trader.

On top of this, Reza Mokhtarian is also offering trade alerts, a live chat trading experience (where members can participate in live sessions), a bunch of trading indicators (which includes Synergy Trader), an auto-trader, professional trade analysis, among other things.

But the list of ”amazing features” and benefits for joining does not end here.

You see, Reza is quite good with his words. He claims that he will also give you exclusive access to Direct Forex Signals and Mentor Tips. I am sure that you are laughing your ribs out by now because I cannot see why you should pay for a product or service whose performance is still the subject of scrutiny.

Oh, Reza also runs a ‘special trading hub’ which he claims to be the most sought-after platform in the entire Forex trading industry?

Really? The only thing I remember is Reza being beaten like a rabid dog for stealing depositor money and selling them fake Forex indicators.

Now, here comes the con man again, claiming that he has the most sought-after trading platform. It’s hard to believe this stuff.

Basically, Kaizen Global acts as a one-stop shop for all your trading needs. If you need access to a live chat trading session, no problem. You just pay $169 per month and your dreams shall be fulfilled.

Kaizen global pricing and review

Other products by Kaizen Global

The Forex mastery course is for the beginners. So Reza must have it. Good.

Reza, the psycho also teaches about economics and how Geo-political events affect your trading. If you need this stuff, you got it.

Kaizen global courses and products

If you need to master the fundamentals, the cog wheels that drive the Forex market, again this man is at your service.

If you want to go to Wall Street to study how stocks are traded, Reza will save you by giving you financial mystery lessons.

And of course there is a library of videos that can be watched to learn what you missed. There is something for everyone.

Trading performance

To deceive people on the internet and get them sending you large amounts of money, you need wit.

Reza Mokhtarian seems to have this in-born skill which traders and opportunity seekers on the web can’t resist no matter what.

His speech is colorful, eloquent and dripping with honey. Despite his murky background, forks still trust him.

Sure, it’s great to have someone teaching you the fundamentals of trading Forex or stocks, and I mean, trading them like the guys at Wall Street.

However, a big problem arises when the Forex mentor in question does not have a track record of trading success.

Reza does not day-trade because he collects enough money from gullible traders who want to make riches in a fortnight. Secondly, he does not trade because he is not good at trading.

With no trading account statements or evidence of active trading, Reza still has the audacity to make bold claims of how he is an expert in Forex trading and how he is the only person who can give you the secret of trading. Sadly enough, this is empty boasting.

Wrapping it up

Kaizen Global is a bad idea. It’s manipulative, exploitative, and on top of that, it is run by a world renown scammer.

As I summarize this Kaizen Global review, I would want to emphasize that this man does not have a trading background. He might use a demo account to fool his followers. However, the fact of the matter is that he is a liar, a charlatan. Truth cannot be suppressed forever because it will one day spill all over the place. A Rabi once made this statement, and I believe it from the deepest part of my spirit.

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