Jkonfx Signals Review – Best Forex Signals or Scam?


I’m reviewing Jkonfx signals, a website owned and operated by Joel Kruger who claims to be a professional trader with a proven track record. In this Jkonfx signals review, I am concerned with finding out whether the numerous claims made by this signal vendor can be backed up by concrete performance.

On the sales page of Jkonfx signals, we learn that there are some 34,454 traders who are using this service. These numbers are difficult to prove because Jkonfx signals is only making claims without giving us the proven hard facts.

The aim of Jkonfx signals is to help struggling traders improve their strategies in 6 ways: through technical analysis, fundamental analysis, dashboard analysis, bank report, trader psychology and trade journal.

Jkonfx signals believes that through these 6 methods in addition to giving them useful FX trading insights, he can significantly improve his clients trading edge.

Additionally, Jkonfx signals website claims that Joel Kruger has been featured in several media outlets such as Economic Times, MarketWatch, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and many more.

I personally don’t take those claims seriously when links which have been embedded into those badges are leading to pages that make zero mentions of Joel Kruger and his service.

In the MarketWatch badge, Joel Kruger is only linking to a page showing numerous ads about Joel Kruger and his service, Jkonfx signals.

These are not endorsements, and clients should know that the ads are designed to market these signals and are in no way suggesting that Jkonfx signals are the best Forex signals to trade with.

Jkonfx signals is a membership website, and it appears that the only way to contact Mr. Kruger would be to sign up for membership or use his Facebook page.

The cost of monthly subscription is $30 and $45 respectively. Clients are supposed to receive weekly trade analysis, industry reports and even trade alerts depending with the plan chosen.

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Welcome to the Jkonfx Signals Review

According to the sales page, Technical analysis should be presented in a simple and easy to understand fashion. Kruger is therefore taking a friendlier approach to charts and even integrating the ”most effective indicators” into the plan.

On the technical side of things, Joel believes that working with daily videos to showcase technical insights and trading strategies is the best way to go.

jkonfx signals review

The second most important feature of Jkonfx signals is fundamental analysis.

Joel tells us that he identifies important market drivers which are then delivered in a digestible and actionable format to consume in 5 minutes.

Dashboard analysis is the third most critical feature of Jkonfx signals. He focuses on 24 major Forex pairs in multiple time frames because he believes that his clients must not miss a trade.

To give trading insights into the forex marketplace, Joel tells us that he curates daily reports from some of the largest banks in the world.

And of course he also claims that he will teach his clients how to develop the right mindset when approaching the market. This is covered in the trader psychology training.

Additionally, signals provider also claims that the website is different from its competitors because it’s built on transparency and accountability.

Joel reassures his clients that they will be able to receive updates when he enters and exits a trade. An overview of these positions are given to traders as well.

jkonfx signals features

Jkonfx Signals Review – the performance record

It is important to walk the talk, and performance is the best way to prove that Joel is a good trade analyst.

While there is a screenshot of performance dating back to 2014 all the way to 2018, the vendor does not provide a way to verify these results.

I would have appreciated Jkonfx signals trading results presented through an independent verification platform like Myfxbook.com.

This is because there is more transparency in myfxbook.com than when they are presented in form of screenshots on the sales page.

Also, screenshots are prone to modifications, and we can’t be so sure whether the results we are seeing in this table are the original or fake ones.

jkonfx signals performance

Jkonfx Signals review – customer feedback

Random Twitter screenshots of customer testimonials were published on the sales page.

Whereas those user accounts appear to be genuine, we can’t establish the exact links back to those testimonials. It’s tedious to try proving a point through random Twitter screenshots.

That is why I said earlier that it would have been better if Jkonfx signals proved their performance on myfxbook rather on in pictures which can easily be modified.

jkonfx signals reviews

Jkonfx signals Review – the conclusion

It is quite unfortunate that this trade analyst and signal vendor doesn’t meet the exceptions that Joel has set. This is the same problem I encountered when I reviewed Sky Pips, PipPhenes and many other signal providers.

There are many claims which can’t be backed up by proof. The media mentions are definitely not leading to meaningful conclusions with regards to the authenticity of Joel’s work.

And of course lack of myfxbook verified performance is a huge setback and a point worth focusing on in this Jkonfx signals review.

Thanks for taking time to read this Jkonfx signals review. If you have had a good experience with this signal vendor, please leave a comment.