JennoCrypto Review – Beware of Jenno Crypto Scam

JennoCrypto Review – Beware of Jenno Crypto Scam

Mauritius financial regulator, FSC is warning against, a brokerage that is purportedly offering investment planning, wealth management and financial advisory services to the masses. This Jenno Crypto review will explain why you need to stay away from such an operation.

First of all, Jenno Crypto is telling its audience that they are regulated by the FSC. But this is not the case.

The investment plans touted by Jenno Crypto suggests that the business is running a ponzi scheme or is a scam at best.

They have 6 investment plans which are promising payouts every 2 weeks and 1 month respectively.

JennoCrypto review

It is not clear whether Jenno Crypto is engaging in any meaningful income generating activity.

This has prompted us to write a Jenno Crypto review about the site to warn potential investors that this is a dangerous zone.

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JennoCrypto Review

The purported business activity conducted at Jenno Crypto is mining and trading of Cryptocurrencies.

In their investment planning section, claims that they are using leading financial principles in all the work they do with clients.

They also claim that their trading analysts have extensive knowledge and experience and can work closely with clients to analyze various investment scenarios.

In their financial advisory service, Jenno Crypto tells us that they are providing personalized financial advice.

It is important to note that due to the fact that JennoCrypto is not regulated and licensed to provide any form of financial advisory services, they should not really provide any financial advice to members of the public.

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Jenno Crypto Review – investment plans

Their investment plans are listed as Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond. The minimum that Jenno Crypto is asking for is $1000. However, the ultimate plan is asking for a minimum of $20,000.

It is not normal for a site like this one to ask for so much money without first proving what they are going to do with that money.

This appears to be a scam, because there is no way they can ask so much money upfront when there is no evidence that JennoCrypto is working with expert trade analysts to help invest their clients’ funds in a professional manner.

This is an issue with all Cryptocurrency investment scams. A few examples include Bitcoin Robot 24, TradeBulls, Crypto tradesmith and many more.

Jenno Crypto Review – no evidence of trading

One thing you should know is that there is no evidence of trading or mining, and JennoCrypto is definitely lying when they say that they have years of experience.

This can’t be true when the site was only created in May 2018. The number of years which they are citing on their platform is quite misleading.

Same thing can be found on the dubious testimonial section where JennoCrypto scam hired people who went ahead to do fake endorsement videos.

JennoCrypto Review – the conclusion

The obvious conclusion is that this is a scam (based on promised daily returns and lack of transparency.

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