Initiative Q Review – A Scam, No Product but People Sign Up


Initiative Q claims that it is ”tomorrow’s payment system”. I’m shocked by the number of people who are signing up and yet there is no product or service tied to Initiative Q. Currently, the estimated future value of “Q” is $18,346. This is based on a target value of $1 per Q.

Initiative Q is actually creating a buzz on the internet, with more users signing up and inviting others on the promise that the value of Q will rise to several thousand dollars.

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In October 30, 2018, the project had already signed up some 2 million users. By November this year, the project claimed that they had signed up 4 million users.

initiative q

What surprises me is that there is no product behind Initiative Q, only promises.

The project was launched in June, and it got popular because of its clever marketing ploy and word of mouth too.

However, like any other investment project that attracts hype, Initiative Q raises more questions than answers. Before you sign up, I’d like you to read my thoughts on the same. Usually I don’t review projects of this nature but since it is a popular project and it also reminded me of Bitconnect scam, there is no way I was going to ignore it.

Initiative Q Review: Is this a scam?

This project is interesting for a reason. It does not exist. There is no evidence of a product or service that is offered. But the site is quite detailed about how this and that works and what the platform aims to achieve.

However, nothing solid is being presented. There are no technical documents, no test environments, beta or sign up to try A, B or C. This is further confirmed by the platform when they say they are trying to build a large network of users so they can build a payment system.

This simply means that Initiative Q has not built a service yet and is primarily focusing on building a user base. With no product or service, there is literally nothing to review, criticize or comment on.