Infinity Scalper Scam Review – Karl Dittmann’s Bogus FX Indicator


Infinity Scalper is a new Forex indicator by a guy named Karl Dittmann. This guy claims to be a Forex guru and trading software developer but will never show tangible proof of success. The manner in which Infinity Scalper is being promoted should bother you instead of getting you convinced. This is because the owner of this indicator does not state clearly the method of operation used by this indicator to guide traders accordingly. Karl actually beats around the bush as he does not seem to be very interested in answering this question.

So, what exactly pushed us to bad-mouth the Infinity Scalper? Well, we carried out an investigation, and now we have all reasons to believe that this FX indicator isn’t any unique or special as advised on its website.

infinity scalper review is it scam or legitimate

The Infinity Scalper Review: what you need to know

Thank you for reading this review. You may be wondering if this Forex indicator is really worth your time.

Unfortunately, our investigations show that the Infinity Scalper is not any different from other FX scalpers in the market.

The landing page was designed purposely to promote this product and to let you imagine how you will be successful when you buy it.

The website says that the Infinity Scalper will free up your time for other things while ensuring that you are able to make substantial profits with little to no effort.

To help you see how profitable this is, the owner of this website claims that the Infinity Scalper will actually let you go to the cinemas, beach or restaurant and still trade Forex from your mobile device because it saves you the time which you’d have spent hunched on a computer screen.

infinity scalper review

Well, we know that this is one of the advantages of Forex indicators. They make your work easier by eliminating screen time. You only get to place trades when ripe signals are sent to you.

The problem is that most Forex indicators are far from achieving those ideals. And it does not matter how easy it is to use the indicator. The bottom line is that you can never make any money with 80% of the Forex indicators found in the market right now.

They repaint signals, although their owners will never admit this fact. In the case of the Infinity Scalper, we needed proof that this product makes money as alleged on the website —

As you may have suspected, Karl has never submitted the requested proof of trading success for purposes of verifying the accuracy of his marketing declarations. We treat this as refusal to corporate with us, and hence a negative review has to be written to warn traders not to jump onto the gravy train.

All that glitters isn’t gold

The Infinity scalper website is so full of life. It’s so colorful, thus giving the impression that this software will change your life.

These vendors have a way of appealing to those who are looking to make money on the internet. A picture of a dollar bill and a flashy lifestyle will always create the illusion of wealth. Couple this with what they are selling and you will see why these guys always smile on their way to the bank while you lose money.

The old adage which says that all that glitters isn’t gold applies to this scenario very well. The sales page of the Infinity Scalper promises a lot of benefits which are simply unbelievable.

It even uses MT4 screenshots as ”proof” that this Forex indicator mints money. The owner even says that if you use it, you will beat the banks because it gives you an edge.

But a little common sense should tell you that banks are never so much interested in competing with retail traders.

In fact, I don’t see how relating this to a bank makes sense. Banks are an entirely different ball game together. These institutions are licensed to give banking services to their clients. This also involves giving credit facility and not Forex trading.

Actually, at no point will your favorite bank sit on the other end of the computer to trade Forex against you. Technically speaking, you are trading against other retail traders. These people come from all walks of life, and are not necessarily affiliates with banking institutions.

Anyway, this is beside the point. The thing is, when the deal sounds too sweet, never get in because you will lose money.

In the case of Infinity Scalper, the developer tells us that this Forex indicator can never disappoint you because it produces high win rate signals. It is supposed to make you wealthy in a  relatively short time because it produces working signals while other traders approach the market without a plan.

It does not even require your Forex education or knowledge because the team behind it allegedly spent several months while developing it.

They incorporated something called Hybrid Prediction formula and Trend analysis mechanism. We understand Trend analysis mechanism to mean that this indicator watches for trends. On the other hand, we don’t know what Hybrid Prediction formula means. If only the developer cared to explain, we would have connected the dots to understand the precise working of this software.

What else do you get with the Infinity Scalper Forex indicator?

It’s funny how these salesmen on the internet take advantage of others. For instance, in this case, the website says that you will get a secret trading algorithm because it is revealed with the package.

Is there anything like a secret trading algorithm? And if that’s the case, why can’t Kirl use his own system and leave us alone? Who shares his wealth or intellectual property with other for the price of bread?

That’s food for thought.

Generally, people would never give away a profitable trading system for free, whether we are talking of EAs or Forex indicators unless they are giving it out with a huge price tag. So if someone claims that they want you to buy their software and that the window of opportunity is closing, you should be suspicious.

Of course we do appreciate the fact that the Infinity Scalper comes with live action trade examples and a guide that will help you get started. But that is also the end of the benefits you shall get from this indicator.

What evidence does Karl Produce in support for the performance of this FX indicator?

In Forex trading, we work with records/proof. Surely, if this man claims to have created a Forex indicator that makes money like clock-work, then he must have kept a clean record of his trading success.

infinity scalper proof of profit scam

infinity scalper review proof of profit mt4 forex
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Unfortunately, none of this is available. Instead, we have a bunch of MT4 screenshots on the website. How do we know that these were not fabricated? Well, it’s exactly the reason why such cannot be considered as proof.

Wrapping things up 

We don’t want to believe that the Infinity Scalper is a scam. Nevertheless, the use of pressure sales tactics such as ”only 3 copies left” is an unacceptable practice because it serves as bait to unsuspecting buyers.

We have visited this website several times before, and each time we did so, there were still 3 copies left. So I assure you that the Infinity Scalper will be available tomorrow, next month, next year and so on. History repeats itself, and since that fake countdown is always there, you can do the experiment and see what we mean.

Finally, my last advice is this: since this Forex indicator costs $87, it is better to spend that money on a pair of shoes rather than use it to purchase the Infinity scalper. Thanks for taking time to read this review.