iCenter Review – Just a Scam, No Bot or Trading


This Icenter review explains why you should never send your precious coins to

When you’re afraid of engaging in business with a totally fake Cryptocurrencies investment project, this site is the last place you want to send your funds to.

They claim that iCenter is investing in Cryptocurrencies in 20 different ways.

The problem is that the sales page is not providing any evidence of a single source of their investment income.

It appears that the site is trying to claim that it mines and trades Cryptocurrencies. The problem is that it is not giving any evidence with regards to the alleged investment activities.

Now, the most important thing to note in this iCenter review is that we are highlighting things that you have probably seen on the sales page, and we are giving you our thoughts and opinion, which are inspired by facts.

For example, the site claims that it generates 1.2% daily returns, which means 36% monthly returns.

The question is, can you make 36% monthly returns by just sending your funds to the website and doing nothing thereafter?

iCenter Review

We know that the prices of Cryptocurrencies are not skyrocketing anymore. Abnormal profits are impossible to attain now.

iCenter review

Even last year when the price of 1 Bitcoin was equivalent to $20,000, investors couldn’t make 36% monthly returns.

The economic reality is that 36% is just too high and unreasonable. No legit business can generate and sustain these returns in the long run unless it’s a scam like Quickmining.

While the site is claiming that they are mining Cryptocurrencies and that this is what is giving them the profits, we certainly can’t agree with this claim. We have been mining Bitcoins for some time now.

And we can promise you with a straight face that mining is not producing abnormal returns anymore. You have to combine it with trading to become a better Cryptocurrency investor.

There are 3 ways to generate returns from Cryptocurrency investments. These include:

Even if we trade on a large scale, it is still not possible to make 36% per month. This suggests that this fake mining site is a ponzi scam. These returns can only be promised by ponzi scams as opposed to legit Cryptocurrency investment projects.

Just remember that a ponzi scam is a financial game that attempts to pay based on new deposits. If deposits stop coming, they also stop paying.

The problem with most of them, including is that they will only pay 10% of their participants. The other 90% will invest and have their funds squandered by the anonymous owner of iCenter  platform.

iCenter Review – it’s an illegal investment program

When we were publishing this iCenter review, we came across terms such as iCenter bot, iCenter Faucet, iCenter Litecoin, iCenter Reviews and many more. People search for this site using those terms.

But you should know that these terms are meaningless if the destination site is a scam. Curiosity leads to nowhere.

As you can see, the site is soliciting funds from members of the public and claiming that it will generate monthly returns for them.

To legally operate an investment activity, you must be licensed to do so especially if it is involving collecting public funds with the promise of investing and issuing returns later on.

But iCenter is not regulated apparently. It is also anonymous, which confirms to us that it is just a scam.

iCenter Review – the conclusion

The site failed to pass the ultimate ponzi test. It is therefore a scam. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, make use of good trading strategies which can be learned here (if you decide to trade instead).

You can combine this with Cryptocurrency mining as well. But make sure that you are using a legit platform.