How to Add Money to Bitcoin Wallet


Just a few months ago, the price of Bitcoin fell to the $3,000 mark. If you check the price now, it is above $10,000 and wise investors can buy Bitcoins now and sell it when price reaches $20,000 or above. Trust me, by the time we are coming to the month of August this year, the price will have hit $20,000 and above. If you think I am kidding, read this article because I predicted that the price of Bitcoin will rise to $50,000 come 2020. As I write this guide on how to add Money to Bitcoin wallet, I can imagine the excitement that people who bought it when price was $3000 feel.. It must be a wonderful feeling because barely a year has passed and now we have price rallying again.

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How to Add Money to Bitcoin Wallet

Buying Bitcoin with cash is quite confusing. But it is now becoming apparent that people of all levels are expressing their interest in this Cryptocurrency, hence the need for educating folks on how Bitcoin can be acquired with cash, PayPal, or some other forms payment.

how to buy bitcoin with cash

Talking of how to add money to Bitcoin wallet, it is important to remind you that this process is easy and quick depending on where you are buying Bitcoin from.

When you buy Bitcoin using the method I will show you here, you will receive your coins into your wallets in less than 5 minutes. Secondly, you will not go through lengthy verification processes that some exchanges are infamous for. Trust me; this is real.

The only requirement is to have a Bitcoin wallet already set up if you don’t have one. In this case, you will need to download this wallet called Electrum. Just get it here. You can even download the Android version if you prefer to have it in your phone.

Note: I prefer to have a personal wallet such as Electrum as opposed to having my Bitcoins stored in an exchange. Bitcoin exchanges are prone to hacking and people can lose their coins that way.

How to add money to Bitcoin wallet using TopEdgeFX Exchange is a reliable fund and Cryptocurrency exchange that trades in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many other coins including the less popular ones like Bitshares.

These guys have been around for a long time now and many investors already trust their service.

To buy Bitcoin using this site’s services, you will need to sign up on their site and click the verification email so you can complete registration.

Locate the Buy Link on the top of the site or click here because I have embedded that link for your convenience.

You will be presented with a short form with spaces for choosing which Cryptocurrency you want to buy (in this case we are interested in Bitcoin), the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy, your wallet ID (the one you got from when you registered for their service), payment method (the method of payment which you want to use in order to buy Bitcoin at Topedgefx and finally a comment.

how to add  money to bitcoin wallet

You can comment anything regarding the transaction or even add your phone number with special instructions. The Bitcoins will arrive in your Paxful wallet in 5 minutes once you click ”Invest”. I don’t know why they call it ”Invest” rather than Buy.

Methods of Payment when Buying Bitcoin here

They are accepting a number of Payment methods which include Payeer, Mobile Money, PayPal, wire transfers, bank transfers, Western Union and many others.

That means that your options to add Bitcoin to your wallet are diverse. You can now buy Bitcoin in 5 minutes using money that you hold in whatever form, even if it’s in your Paypal balance.

That’s it for today. I hope everything regarding How to add money to Bitcoin wallet is crystal clear. Now let’s go and buy Bitcoin because price is rising fast and if we buy now, we can make a lot of profits a few months from now.