Hedge Forex Robot Review: ForexRobotTrader.com Scam Alert


Hedge Forex Robot was created by the famous Forex Robot Trader Group. The robot is allegedly going to double your income using a trend following strategy that is built with hedging technology.

The group is marketing this product as the most profitable hedging robot on the internet. They are even showing a profit of over $100,000 per year.

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Anyway, we are so used to seeing vendors throwing around numbers like these without bothering to verify their track record using a third party website like myfxbook. It is hard for Hedge Forex Robot to find itself in the list of the best Forex robots in 2019 simply because of this shortcoming.

Because you are reading this Hedge Forex Robot review and want to know whether or not this expert advisor is good or bad, we will provide you with pertinent info that will help you make an informed decision.

This product was created by ForexRobotTrader.com. They are the creators of Ganon Forex Expert Advisor. These people have been around for quite some time, and are well known in the Forex trading community.

They are no strangers here. The website was originally owned and operated by Don Steinitz, a professional Forex trader and developer.

Unfortunately, Don passed on and it’s not clear who took over the website and what type of trading experience they do have.

We would like to know how good they are with the markets and also in terms of their software development skills. However, it is rumored that the site was taken over by an internet marketing firm that has no experience in Forex trading or development of expert advisors.

hedge forex robot review

Since these are rumors, we will leave it at that point. There is no need to dwell on rumors when we are not sure whether it is the truth or not.