Hashing 24 Review – Is Hashing24.com Scam?


In this review, we will be discussing a Bitcoin mining company known as Hashing24 or Hashing 24 if you like. The site is hosted at Hashing24.com. A background check reveals that the site is nearly 2 years old since they entered the Bitcoin mining industry in April 2016.

The people who operate Hashing 24 believe that they are industry leaders in this business and that they make industrial grade mining accessible to everyone using cutting edge technology and equipment.

The site looks professional enough. Everything falls into place. If you want to know the current mining difficulty for Bitcoin, it’s there on the site.

Their current hash rate is stated as 11182 PH/s. We believe that all information that you could possibly need is already available on the site.

This is a good step towards building credibility of any site. If you’re going to convince anyone to send Bitcoin to your mining pool, you’re better off presenting a website in a professional manner and even making every useful information available from the word go.

We therefore believe that Hashing 24 is a site that is worth reviewing here.

Note: If you are looking for legitimate Bitcoin mining opportunities, please find a site using the link above. Otherwise, you can continue reading this review to discover what Hashing 24 is and whether or not it can be a good contender for including in our list of recommended Bitcoin mining companies.

Hashing 24 Review: what we think

The site alleges that they have access to the biggest Bitcoin data mining centers in the world, and that if you invest in any of their plans, you will have the advantage of mining BTC using the latest technology.

hashing24 review


The latest mining technology means speed and efficiency in Bitcoin mining. Hashing 24 believes that they are offering an unparalleled mining experience that gives their miners an edge all across the internet.

Hashing24 says that their data centers are based in Iceland and Georgia. They even have the supposed pictures of these locations. But there is no way to confirm if indeed these pictures are authentic.

Hashing 24 claims that they are using the latest ASIC mining technology. Their hardware uses air and immersion cooling technology to give the best to their customers.

The company also believes that they will be giving you a 100% up time experience. We do not know if this is something that they can guarantee though. It can be something like 98% up time but not 100% up time.

There are many factors that can affect this up time. Some of these factors are unforeseen, and therefore cannot be controlled. You cannot say that 100% up time will be guaranteed in this case.

Hashing 24 also claims that payout is based on overall network hash rate. At least they are being honest when it comes to how payouts are distributed across their customers.

In addition to this, we can take it as a hint that payouts cannot be guarantee whatsoever.

You see, Bitcoin transaction margins are driven by the differences that exist between the various miners and their efficiency.

This is to say that a miner who is more efficient tends to make more money than one who is less efficient. This brings network difficulty into the picture. If more miners are seeking a block, mining difficulty will rise subsequently. Only those who are able to find a block when the network reaches its saturation point will make money.

Now, according to Hashing 24, their equipment are highly efficient, and will always find these blocks even when others are struggling to find them.

This site mentions that they are usingĀ ASIC chips from BitFury, which is currently the most efficient and high performance hardware in the market.

Of course we are not so sure if these claims can be verified. At this point in time, we only treat them as claims. It does not totally rule out the possibility of this claim being true or false.

Besides, we have not mined with Hashing 24 yet. It is impossible to tell whether or not their hardware is this efficient.

Moreover, it could be a sales gimmick as well. You see, there are dozens of Bitcoin mining sites out there. Most of them are doing whatever they can to attract new clients. If they can use words that attract new customers, the more business they will generate.

Therefore, this doesn’t rule out the possibility of Hashing 24 being so good at marketing their products.

So far, the site is very convincing. There is no alarm to be raised going by what we see on the site. No inflated figures to raise eyebrows, no fake promises that can’t be achieved and so on.

It is very rare to come across such sites these days. Given that Bitcoin mining is very popular, you are only likely to come across HYIP programs that use inflated figures as projected income.

With this site, everything is pretty straight forward and reasonable. You get the impression that indeed Hashing 24 is managed by professional Bitcoin miners.

Hashing 24 also believes in the spirit of making industrial grade BTC mining accessible to the average person so long as they have a laptop or a mobile phone. That’s a good principle to abide by because it gives potential investors a reason to prefer Hashing 24 to other BTC mining sites available on the internet right now.

Who owns this site?

Hashing 24 appears to be a company website as opposed to a site belonging to an individual.

The site claims to have offices in 3 major locations. These include Scotland UK, Thailand and Ukraine respectively. The site also gives the phone contacts and physical addresses for the respective office locations.

Each of these locations also have their own contact email address unique to that specific office. This gives the impression that Hashing 24 is a professional site.

But when we check out the domain name on who.is, we do not find the name of the person or organization owning this domain name. Instead, these details are hidden. The only information you can find about them is the date of registration. Nothing else.

Generally, we are only confident when working with a transparent website. It doesn’t matter how professional a website may look like. If we can’t find details of their owners (verifiable details), then it becomes difficult to win our trust.

So this is clearly a concern which we think the owner of Hashing 24 should fix as soon as possible.

Plans available on the site

There are only two plans available for sale. But the site also hints that investors can customize their plans according to what suits them. This should be done on special request, we assume.

The first plan costs $28.90 while the second plan will cost you $34. Both plans run for 36 months. Again, the company now says that all plans have been sold out. You cannot join their Bitcoin mining pool now.

Our best advice for you

We cannot say that Hashing 24 is a scam yet. All we need is some clarity on issues which we have been raised above. Hopefully if these issues are addressed, it will find a place in our recommend list of Bitcoin mining companies. To get started immediately, follow that link and start mining Bitcoin.