Hashglobe.net Review: Hash Globe Russian Scam?

Hashglobe.net Review: Hash Globe Russian Scam?



Hashglobe.net is a scam. No evidence of data centers anywhere on their site, plus this platform promises to quadruple your daily returns in mining Bitcoin. This is not possible. You could trade Bitcoin with these apps instead.

You know Bitcoin mining has come a long way. From the days when we used to make huge profits to the days when making any profit requires a huge investment and there is no guarantee that the site you are mining with will offer stable and reliable returns. Hashglobe.net is a suspicious Bitcoin mining operation. It carries with it all the signs of a scam operation.

The domain where Hash Globe is hosted at was registered by ”Ryan Ross” (which could be a fake name since no ID document is required when creating domains). The company behind this site’s operation is called HashGlobe Limited which appears to be situated in London (according to promotion material found on the website of HashGlobe.

Upon investigating details of the real owner of Hash Globe, I came to understand that the true owner of this website is an anonymous person of the Russian origin. He is the same person who created Northmine, Nexusmine and a series of other Crypto currency cloud mining scams that purport to generate Bitcoins for users.

HashGlobe Limited was incorporated on 6th of December 2018, which means that it is less than 2 months old. This appears to be a one man operation as only the entity Ryan Ross is registered as its share holder.

According to traffic estimates to Hashglobe, Alexa reports that Russia is the leading source of traffic and the site ranks position 242,467 globally.

That means it’s very popular even without basic SEO mechanics in place which are essential for ranking of a new site like HashGlobe.

That being said, let’s proceed to the specifics which agree with the title of this Hash Globe review.

By the way, I’m impressed that in as much as HashGlobe appears dubious, the owner didn’t bother to conceal their identity (if at all Ryan Ross is their real name). It is quite surprising because many scams don’t do this.

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Hash Globe review

Is this a scam? Yes it is. Can you make money with Crypto currency mining right now? It is not likely that you will make money. If you are lucky to find a reliable site, you will make peanuts before profits stop rolling in, thanks to the ever increasing mining difficulty in 2019.

This snowy mountain themed website is specifically running the SHA-256 algorithm for mining Bitcoin. When you sign up, HashGlobe claims that you will get 200 GH/s of free hash power for mining BTC.

HashGlobe Cloud Mining review

The minimum investment for getting started with HashGlobe is 0.001 BTC.

The site does not have specific mining plans to show us how much investment is needed to obtain a specific amount of hashpower, which is a red flag because it shows that this site is not transparent with their mining service.

Data protection with the latest SSL technology and DDOS attack prevention are some of the features which this site is touting to potential investors, although I do not know how some of these generic features are supposed to help an investor looking to start mining with a serious website.

Live statistics – can we trust the numbers?

Numbers speak a lot and they could tell us whether Hash Globe is a site to be trusted or not.

HashGlobe gives us some numbers on their site to show us how long the site has been in operation, the amount of hash power that they have sold and accounts which they have opened so far.

It’s hard to believe that over 10,000 user accounts have been created so far given that HashGlobe is a brand new website. This appears to be nothing but exaggeration.

Profit calculator and estimated returns

I used the calculator on the Hash Globe website just to get a feel of how much I could earn with lets say 1 Bitcoin.

HashGlobe profit calculator

From the picture above, you can see that according to Hash Globe, 1 Bitcoin is supposed to give a daily return of 0.078 BTC (about $312).

Still according to Hash Globe, 1 BTC would give us 672188 GH/s and your investment would be recovered in 13 days.

Bitcoin Mining Calculator 2019

In reality, 672,188 GH/s which Hash Globe is selling for 1 Bitcoin would give us a return of $53 per day (going by the current rate of Bitcoin in 2019).

But HashGlobe is allegedly returning 0.078 Bitcoin per day which is equivalent to about $312 per day.

Therefore, it’s clear that Hash Globe is promising to quadruple your daily returns, which is a huge red flag!


As you can see, this site is somehow making promises that are unrealistic in today’s Bitcoin mining network in 2019.

On top of this, Hash Globe cannot provide any proof to show that they have data centers where mining happens. They can only make claims.

Lastly, since they are a brand new company, there are no reviews or testimonials supporting what this site says. Therefore, HashGlobe is a potential scam. Stay away from it.

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