Ganon Expert Advisor Review: A Profit Buster Or A Scam?


Scam marketing has infiltrated the internet nowadays, and it’s easy to spot that kind of marketing. This is because all poor EAs channeled into the market out there tend to show a common pattern involving fake results, fake testimonials and sometimes fake ownership.

Thankfully, if you’ve heard of Ganon Forex EA and are reading this review, you can save yourself from the impending loss by listening to our opinion on this.

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Ganon Expert Advisor Review

So, why exactly are we concluding that Ganon EA is a non-performing Forex robot?

Because this Expert Advisor has undergone a lot of patching in the last 1 years, and despite this author producing the latest version, it has never profited any user.

We wonder why the developer is even bothering themselves with updating a robot that is clearly not able to perform.

Secondly, Ganon EA doesn’t actually have a domain of its own (see

Although this is not a serious issue, it could suggest that this domain was previously being used for other purposes, and was not originally dedicated to selling the highly acclaimed Ganon EA.

And now, if you are a victim of rip-off in this Ganon EA fiasco (in the sense that you never got results as advertised on their website), you need to ask yourself whether you took their Trading Results Disclaimer seriously.

If you did, you could have avoided losses by first understanding that Ganon EA only thrives on paper and not in a real account.

ganon forex ea

It has lots of limitations which users can’t see due to a well-planned marketing campaign — which actually prevents you and me from seeing the underlying truth.

Even the team that is promoting Ganon EA has lately been accused for mastering the art of luring traders through excellent marketing.

Look at their website. They assure traders that Ganon EA has a new algorithm that finds new trends even before they can start forming. Isn’t this a total lie?

Secondly, the latest version of this Expert Advisor is alleged to have been built with an algorithm that automatically adjusts settings and levels depending on the currency pair being traded.

And of course the eye-popping results coupled with the promise that one can install this software in under 5 minutes is what caused many victims to suffer unbearable losses in the hands of Ganon EA developers.

The bottom line is that this software keeps scoring poorly with every new version produced by the developer.

Overview of the Trading System

We were lucky to have demo-tested this system before writing this review.

Our version came with a 1h time frame default settings. We were also given the opportunity to test the two modes in the EA. The previous version only had the ‘Hyper Mode’ included in its algorithm.

Now, in hyper mode, the software is supposed to scalp the markets by opening several trades a day.

On the other hand, the normal mode lets the software run fewer trades but with bigger pip targets.

However, despite testing the two modes, there were no significant results to yell about.

The results were actually disappointing so to speak. While still at it, the developer claimed that this EA was equipped with something called new strand theory strategy.

This feature is supposed to filter noise in the markets so that we can find strong signals instead.

Actually, this is the reason Ganon EA is promoted as a game-changer and a means to beat Forex brokers in their own game.

Throughout the demo, we couldn’t get the specifics of how this feature works. We were not concerned nonetheless, especially after seeing that this system had failed in the demo account.

What about ‘users” who say Ganon EA is profitable?

Am sure you’ve seen a lot of reviews praising this EA on the internet.

Some people have even come out in the open to claim that they are using this Expert Advisor to earn their livelihood, thanks to its profit-making ability.

Well, you should understand that these reviews are mere fabrications from people who receive incentives and hand-outs from this developer.

The things they say cannot be trusted. Just do your research on these people and you will find that they’ve never been clients of this developer.

Track record: statistics seem to favor this EA

Every vendor will use some sort of figures to support whatever they are selling.

Personally, I am concerned with active myfxbook results and not some screenshot which was taken out of nowhere and posted on the homepage to take the place of past-performance.

ganon scam

ganon scam mt4

Some of these crooks even stop updating their myfxbook results for reasons best known to them.

Now, despite all the hype that is surrounding Ganon EA, we still can’t find verifiable proof that this software has been making profits for its members.

And the worst thing that these guys did was to give us results that are pretty far from what the software actually delivers on a live account.

Perhaps this is one of their marketing tactics which they aggressively employ to help sell the robot. Indeed it has worked well for them.

Other things that you should know before making your own decision

At some point, you will need to make a decision on whether or not to use this software.

We’ve already made our stand crystal clear: that this software does not perform well on both demo and live accounts. So it’s not worth your time.

Secondly, the author does not provide any form of money-back guarantee.

What this means is that you can’t recover your money if things don’t work as claimed on the official website.

And for your information, the author is not very reliable in terms of customer support.

Sure, simple questions will be answered promptly. But if you appear to be bothering them by asking the tough questions, you will soon be ignored.

It’s also worth bringing to your attention that the author is currently running a ‘time-sensitive’ offer on their website where early buyers are guaranteed to receive a second robot for free.

But you see, the first robot failed terribly (we are not even using it anymore). So why would you accept an offer from this author once again?

This is to remind you that the author of Ganon EA does not have the capability of building robots with sound strategies for trading the Forex markets.

But they are certainly good at marketing. You can probably hire them for that purpose. But you cannot depend on them to provide you with a cutting-edge Forex trading robot.

Wrapping it up

A lot has been said about the infamous Ganon EA. However, we hope you picked the most important points about this EA.

Their terms and conditions clearly describe what you should be anticipating the moment you hit the ”Buy now” button.

The cost of this EA may look like nothing. But if you consider the setback it will inflict on your Forex account, you will see that it is not worth testing on a live account.

Unless the author is willing to put his money where his mouth is by offering a free version which can be tested on a demo account, there is generally no need to waste your time on this robot.