Fxervin.com Review: Is FXervin Scam or Legit Forex Signals?


Fxervin believes that their top-notch traders who use ”next generation technology” in fundamental and technical analysis can help you invest wisely. Fxervin.com says their signal analysis runs for 24 hours a day where they send instant signals with lowest risk to their investors.

There are up to 12 currency pairs being analyzed by Fxervin on a daily basis. The signal provider also tells us that they generate more than 70% annual returns.

It is not clear who Fxervin represents or even where the signal provider is based at. But it appears the service is mostly likely based in the UK due to the existence of the UK flag on the site’s navigation menu.

Also, prospective clients cannot contact Fxervin straight away because there is neither a phone number nor a contact form to do so. However, Fxervin wants clients to sign up. Perhaps the contact feature is only available to clients who have already signed up.

But here’s the thing: Fxervin promises us more than 80% win rate. We’d like to see a demonstrated performance of the signals at some point.

Good thing – there is a 15-day trial package which is free and comes with all the features that are found in other premium packages.

My advice is that if you have to test this service for 2 weeks, you can use it to your advantage.

However, if you lack the time to conduct this test, my recommendation is that you should utilize our signals right here because I don’t really waste your time subjecting you to a long waiting period which might not yield fruits at the end of the day.

Fxervin review

The vendor of this Forex trading signals operation tells us that they are committed to keeping thousands of traders happy with their most accurate and profitable Forex signals.

That already means that Fxervin is claiming to have thousands of subscribers in their database. And if this is true, I am just wondering why Fx Ervin is not among the most popular Forex signals services on the internet.

There is no user rating or reviews about Fxervin. In fact, this will be the first official blog post about Fx Ervin Forex signals.

I do not believe that a Forex signals service that is allegedly trusted by thousands of traders since 2014 can remain a secret in the Forex trading marketplace.

Fxervin Forex signals also tells us that they are utilizing strong money management strategies for your trades.

What we are concerned with is the results of their signals. If they claim that their trading utilizes effective money management techniques and the win rate is so high, we only need to gain access to a sample of their trading statement.

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Fxervin plans

There are 4 plans for subscribers. The first plan is for those who want to trial this service for free.

This plan offers trading in 13 Currency pairs and promises 80% win rate. The expected monthly pips that Fxervin promises is 2000 pips.

This number is indeed very high and too good to be true. Even when scalping the market, it is very hard to gain this number of pips a month.

FxErvin plans

So this is too good to be true. The other feature that comes with all the plans is the 3 level Take Profit.

This feature is helpful for locking in profits, just in case market decides to reverse after going in the right direction for some time.

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Fxervin Forex signals are delivered on the members area, email and on mobile device.

On top of this, all Fxervin packages come with 24/7 customer support.

For the subscription price, Fx Ervin charges $50 per month, $250 for 6 months or $500 for 1 year.

Fxervin does not differentiate their plans in any way. Only the duration of the subscription will determine what you pay.

Fxervin trading performance

Trading performance is very necessary. If this FX signals service is to compete fairly with professional signal providers on the web, they should think about providing verified trading performance to their customers.

fxervin trading statement

What I can see on the site is a table of recent performance. This table shows currency pairs that were traded, the dates, the number of pips won and whether they bought or sold the market.

In the year 2018, demonstrating trading performance takes more than just a table of results.

The kind of table that Fxervin is showing us has been edited by hand, and the figures there have also been edited.

So that means the vendor of this signals service can easily manipulate those figures if they want to.

Fxervin should consider sharing their trading results using a statement sharing service like myfxbook or at least show us their broker’s trading statement.

As it stands now, this table of past trading performance does not qualify for proof of successful trading.

Is Fxervin a scam?

Fxervin is not necessarily a scam because they do have a 15 day free trial where the customer gets to choose whether or not they like the signals before paying.

On the downside, I don’t get it when this Forex signal provider is not able to provide verified trading results to demonstrate that indeed they have been trusted by thousands of traders since 2014.

Something is just not right with this signals provider. I have seen many services like Fxervin and some have been reviewed here as well. Jkonfx, Arrow Pips among others that have been featured on this blog fail to provide satisfactory trading results.

Fxervin Review – the conclusion

Trading is not a very easy task. For someone to claim that they can generate 2000+ pips a month, I think it’s only fair that they should show us their trading statement to prove the same.

I have been trading for a long time now even to the point that I mentor students in my class about trading. I never give them false information or making claims which I cannot justify with proof.

Note: I am a well-educated and skilled active trader in the Forex marketplace. Apart from trading and offering Forex signals to members of this blog, I also offer mentorship for those who want to acquire the fun lifestyle of a professional trader.