FX Venom Pro Review: Is fxvenompro.com Scam?


FX Venom Pro is a plug-and-play Forex trading indicator. The developers claim that FX Venom Pro produces super accurate and fast signals that result in consistent gains.

However, it should be noted that the developers or the owners of fxvenompro.com are completely anonymous since they have never introduced themselves to the trading community.

We do not know about their trading experience or even the place from which they are running this business from.

I had to look them up on who.is where I discovered that the servers of fxvenompro.com were located in Poland and that the site was created almost 1 year ago.

FX Venom Pro is allegedly not a repaint indicator. It also comes with an in-built risk management feature and is designed with an instant alert feature to let users know when there is a signal.

The developers believe that FX Venom Pro is a highly accurate and profitable trading software that can change anyone’s trading results in any market condition.

At this point in time, I believe that most of this information is just promotion stuff and the developer should definitely include information about themselves.

Support can be reached through support@fxvenompro.com. However, there’s no point reaching out to them if you do not believe in this indicator altogether.

I’m I saying this software is good for your trading? The answer is No, and I shall tell you why I believe so.

Note: if you’re into using Forex signals, this service can be of use to you. However, if you prefer to automate your trading, pick any of these robots.

FX Venom Pro review

FX Venom Pro monitors the market for quick price movements so as to identify profitable opportunities.

Unfortunately, this is the only explanation the developer has provided about their strategy.

In other words, we do not know what rules FX Venom Pro is following in order to produce buy and sell signal alerts.

It would certainly be helpful if they talked about their trading approach and the kind of algorithm that went into the design process of this software.

If you asked me what kind of trading approach I use, I’d tell you that I am a Price Action Trader. The same cannot be said about this developer.

On the other hand, I can admit that the sales page is slick. The problem with this beautiful website is that it has no substance. Otherwise I believe FX Venom Pro would be a hot cake.

Features of FX Venom Pro Forex indicator

The indicator provides 6 very important features that the developer wants us to know.

Fx Venom Pro features

The first aspect of the FX Venom Pro is that it is ”highly profitable”. Secondly is that it uses smart money management and that it never repaints.

The other features include ease of installation, built in alerts and ease of use.

I can say that these are very basic points that nearly all sellers make when trying to promote their trading apps.

Besides this, the sales page of FX Venom Pro has a 2 minute sales video which shows the software in action.

The price of this indicator is only $27. It trades all pairs on the M1 and W1 time frames.

Judging by this price tag, I believe that this is a very interesting indicator. The developer even says that clients can use it on multiple accounts as per their wish.

FX Venom Pro is certainly the cheapest Forex indicator out there. Most indicators are priced at $100 on average.

Do remember that the developer is not providing their trading methodology.

No trading results for FX Venom Pro?

Quite disappointing indeed because the vendor is only providing a screenshot of 12 trading samples.

Fx Venom Pro trading results

I don’t like the way these results are being presented. The developer could have done a good job if they opened an account with a statement sharing service like Myfxbook.com or FXblue.com for example.

The point is that the vendor has not been able to prove that this software is profitable as claimed on the sales page.


The price tag isn’t going to break the bank but rest assured that a software priced at $27 won’t deliver the expected results.

By the way, do you think a developer is going to burn the midnight oil only to sell a perfect software for $27? It is not likely.

Also, no trading results have been provided. Unfortunately, I won’t recommend this software today. However, for those of you who might have used this trading app, please contribute below.