Frarelin Forex Robot Scam – Expert Review


The internet has Frarelin Forex Robot on sale. But we are wondering if this is just another scam on the lose. This is because the developer uses all the sweet words you can think of in an attempt to promote it.

The first claim is that Frarelin Forex Robot will entrench you into the world of successful traders, and that this robot is the best-kept secret among masters of the game.

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On top of this, Frarelin Forex Robot is portrayed as the key to success. Once you get hold of this expert advisor, you will be having the full capability to unlock all the riches in the Forex market. By this time, we are laughing because we cannot believe these claims.

Frarelin Forex Robot is described as the only robot that makes profits and guarantees that you will never record any single loss when you use it.

When put to task, Frarelin Forex Robot is the only expert advisor that shows you where the possibilities are, the huge investments, the returns, the risks as well as other related factors. This is certainly very nice to hear. We only wish that all this was true.

And one last claim that caught our attention was that this robot was a one-time breakthrough system that even experts value at $2,000. Again, this is quite laughable as we cannot believe what we are hearing.

Frarelin Forex Robot Review

For the second time, we have to question the legitimacy of this robot because the developer sounds extremely confident. But remember that this could be fake confidence. By saying ‘fake confidence’, we mean that they are just doing their job of telling the world how this robot will transform traders by handing them easy Forex profits. But that may not be the case especially after you spend $169 on the premium version and reality hits hard.

And by the way, this developer also claims to have a 30-day money back guarantee. You should probably read this review because we have talked about refunds before. Get our opinion from that piece.

Moving forward, we recon that this developer did not even bother to introduce themselves. On top of that, they did not bother to publish their physical address or even contact information which traders could use to reach them.

We do not understand why a ‘professional developer’ would fail to publish this information on their site. It is a little bit weird. It points to the fact that Frarelin Forex Robot is not what you think it is.

Also, we do not like it when developers restrict communications to email only. Email communication is not as efficient as live chat or phone communication because most developers simply take forever to answer email inquires if they sense that you’re just inquiring and are not intending to buy their product. Of course if you’re ready with the money and are intending to buy that particular product, they will respond with the speed of lightening. That’s just how they are.

Also, we do not know where this robot developer gets their statistics from. This is because they blatantly say that only 4% of Forex traders make money. The rest fail. Also, they claim that the Forex market handles 5 trillion dollars worth of trade volume.

Now, the last time we checked these statistics, things were different, and we believe that these numbers haven’t changed that much. The statistics said that 5% of Forex traders were profitable and that 3 Trillion dollars were being traded on a daily basis, not 5 Trillion dollars.

We feel that this could be a marketing stunt to create the impression that the Forex market is extremely hard to thrive in and that you can only be successful when you use Frarelin Forex Robot. We do not believe in false statistics or any of that marketing gimmick. All we need at this point in time is proof that Frarelin Forex Robot will make the average trader profitable in the long run. If this proof is not available, we can as well trash it after blacklisting it like we have always done with scam robots like this one.

The features of Frarelin Forex Robot

Frarelin Forex Robot is available in two versions. The first version costs $99 while the second version costs $169. The difference is that the second version basically lets you trade two live accounts and two demo accounts while the first one only works with one account, both live and demo.

Frarelin Forex Robot pricing

The other features include 24/7 customer support and 30-day money back guarantee.

We also learn that Frarelin Forex Robot takes advantage of big market moves. We do not know the strategy that this robot uses to make this a reality. After all, the vendor is so economical with this explanation. They only say that it takes advantage of big market moves and leave it at that point. There is no explaining whether this robot takes care of trends, reversals etc.

Frarelin Forex Robot features

While Frarelin Forex Robot is said to work with multiple currency pairs, we came across a certain testimonial from a user who claimed that this robot only worked with a handful of pairs as opposed to all pairs.

We have to take that into consideration during the rest of this Frarelin Forex Robot review.

Trading performance

The trading performance of Frarelin Forex Robot is tracked by FXBlue as opposed to myfxbook account. We are used to myfxbook platform because their data records are always displayed in a professional manner that is easy to understand.

As at the time of writing this review, the performance of Frarelin Forex Robot had been tracked for 60 days, and the average return on investment on a monthly basis was 11%. Weekly returns were slightly above the 2.5% mark.

The average win for this period of testing was 11 pips. On the other hand, the average loss was 21 pips.

What we can see is that this is not a very encouraging risk to reward ratio. It suggests that this EA is a scalping system.

Anyway, the equity curve has been on a steady climb for the last 2 years. The problem is that this is a very small data sample that we cannot use to judge the long term operations of this robot. So hopefully, we would like to give it some time until we are able to work with data sample collected from at least two months of continuous tracking.

Points that you should take home

The claims that the developer of Frarelin Forex Robot makes when introducing their robots are a little bit scary because they remind us of how scam developers often talk.

frarelinrobotlive stats

Secondly, the developer did not reveal their identity. One might say that this is not important. But remember that consumers tend to have confidence when they work with people they know as opposed to strangers.

And thirdly, Frarelin Forex Robot has only been tested for a very short time. This means that we cannot judge its profit potential yet. We need to work with data that has been collected for the last 6 months.

Conclusion of this Frarelin Forex Robot Review

We shall revisit this robot again in the future to see if it is still maintaining a steady climb. There are still a lot of pending issues that need to be sorted out. Unless these issues are addressed, we will not recommend this EA.