Review: Forex Traders Daily and the Prodigy Program


Welcome to the review. Forex Traders Daily is owned and managed by Dustin Pass. Working alongside Ross Mullins and Mark Chapman, Forex Traders Daily claims to deliver up-to-date actionable information to help traders find success in the Forex marketplace.

Dustin Pass claims to be a professional trader and fund manager trading millions of dollars in investor funds. However, Mr Pass has zero track record in trading success.

Through deceitful marketing tactics, Dustin Pass has been selling magic trading indicators for $1997 each.

Trade Vantage 1.0 and Oracle Trader are the infamous works of Dustin Pass. In fact, disgruntled users have opened special threads on trading forums to discuss Dustin Pass’ scam trading indicators.

Mr. Ross Mullins of Forex Traders Daily sells a product called the Prodigy program. He claims to be the head trader at Forex Traders Daily.

After countless of hours scouring the web to find something meaningful about him, I was able to find zero evidence of profitable trading.

He specializes in bombarding the financially naive with market commentary to imply credibility and a success track record. Next, he will proceed and sell them the so-called Prodigy Program. Pure rubbish!

Mark Chapman, a supposed professional trader and inventor of world’s greatest trading hack called Trademarked Trapped Traders Concept claims to have found the answer to why trades reverse immediately you enter them and what you must do to avoid this scenario.

Mark Chapman of Forex Traders Daily has a dedicated sub-domain ( now leading to on the Forex Traders Daily website where he promotes his Trapped Traders Concept and sells the supposed magical trading software for $97 per month. Meanwhile, you can get it for $47.

Like Dustin Pass and Ross Mullins, Mark Chapman cannot put to test his Trapped Traders Concept. Has zero track record of trading success but definitely good at internet marketing. He promotes his magic trading system using a fake quote from Lex van Dam, creator of the BBC show Million Dollar Traders.

For $47, you will gain access to his financial wizardry and change your life completely.

I don’t know about you. But I do not really trust people who sell Forex trading magic for $47 after they’ve burned the midnight oil trying to figure out the answer to why 90% of traders fail. That system cannot be sold for $47 or $97 if it ever existed.

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Welcome to the Forex Traders Daily Review

What is Forex Traders Daily?

Forex Traders Daily is a website that claims to be the Holy grail of Forex trading success.

Forex Traders Daily proclaims with big letters on the homepage that if you love trading but have been losing, you belong to them.

Forex Traders Daily review

For $11, they will bait you into the program. Next, they will subscribe you for $299 per month and have it deducted from your credit card each month.

What Dustin Pass is praying for is that you won’t realize that every month your credit card is billed $299. And unless you cancel this payment with your bank, the dubious internet marketer will continue to feed on your bank account like ticks feed on a cow.

They also claim that Forex Traders Daily employs an experienced staff of analysts who will decipher all the variables that move the market so they can send you that information in real time.

In a nutshell, the website claims that they can make you a successful trader by simply subscribing to their market analysis updates.

Next, you have to input your email to get an invitation from Forex Traders Daily. And you will also receive free Forex training on key concepts for successful trading.

While I was perusing the website for any important information, I found nothing other thank links prompting me to download a free e-book.

This appears to be a tactic used by Forex Traders Daily to capture leads and eventually take them through the sales funnel. There seems to be a lot of up-sells along the way.

Forex Traders Daily Review – red flags

Before writing this Forex Traders Daily review, I wanted to know whether the trio had a track record of ever making a dime from Forex trading.

Those who come here regularly know that a review never gets to a conclusion without mentioning the track record of a trading guru. Try Day Trading, AcademyFt and many more have failed the litmus test.

So the question I have for Mr. Dustin Pass is whether he is a successful trader with a verifiable track record.

Secondly, I want to know why so many people are lamenting of the fact that he has scammed them with overpriced but rubbish trading indicators.

Obviously Mr. Dustin Pass cannot answer me. He is probably crossing figures that this Forex Traders Daily review will not spread like wildfire on the internet. Pray Hard!

Forex Traders Daily Review – the conclusion

Mr. Dustin is obviously a savvy internet marketer, a charlatan who stops at nothing to deduct money from your credit card. It’s what I call a financial death trap and unless the victim is enlightened, they will keep paying a monthly fee to get nothing.

It’s beautifully put together and it’s hard to suspect any foul play. The financially naive will eventually burn their money in a trading circus that looks like genuine financial advice.

Thanks for reading this Forex Traders Daily review.