Forex21 Review: Scam Check on ProFX 5.0 and Forex Force EA


I’m reviewing a developer who has existed for 11 years and even changed their original domain from to the current one, This developer is offering 4 products which include two premium expert advisors and two free trading systems. I’m particularly concerned with ProFX 5.0 and the Forex Force EA.

According to Forex21, these two expert advisors are based on momentum and price action trading. The algorithms of these two Forex robots are monitoring and analyzing market conditions on multiple time frames to see whether good risk to reward ratios can be identified.

However, it appears that Forex Force EA excludes certain features that come with the ProFX 5.0. For instance, Forex21 tells us that ProFX 5.0 is equipped with adaptive money and take profit/stop loss management but does not say the same concerning the Forex Force EA.

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Despite existing for many years now, Forex 21 does not disclose critical information about their operation. For instance, we cannot find out the name of the person behind the Forex21 website, their trading experience or even their location.

They only tell us that they are real professional traders who will help us with useful trading insights if we purchase a license for any of their Forex expert advisors.