Forex Scorpio Code Scam Review – A Pathetic FX Indicator!

Forex Scorpio Code Scam Review – A Pathetic FX Indicator!

Thanks for taking your time to read this Forex Scorpio Code review. This product has created some chatter on the internet, although it is yet to be officially rolled out on 22th August, 2017.

According to the website where the launch of Forex Scorpio Code will happen, this Forex indicator is owned by a ‘Forex mentor’ named Vladimir Ribakov. However, there is no evidence that this website is actually owned by this guy.

And how do we arrive at this conclusion? Well, when I investigated Forex Scorpio Code website on, I discovered that this domain’s information was safeguarded. Finding out who owns this website is therefore not possible at this time. This is a huge red flag and a problem. It tells you that you should not trust the owner of this FX indicator.

Already there are hordes of affiliate marketers out there who are endorsing Forex Scorpio Code.

The question is: why are they endorsing a product whose owner does not want to make himself known? This is suspicious. But these blogs do promote such opportunities anyway because they only care about their affiliate commissions and not your trading.

Here, I will be tackling the issues objectively. I will not sugar-coat things as far as this Forex Scorpio Code review is concerned.

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Forex Scorpio Code overview

It’s a Forex indicator that can be used on any MT4 account. At the time of writing this review, there were no past results to verify the claims that other blogs have been making about this software.

While profitability and user-friendliness are on top of the list, I don’t think that Forex Scorpio Code has what it takes to actually make money. That’s why the owner doesn’t want to face the world head-on with his ridiculous claims.

Besides, this is a new product that is yet to be launched. What this means is that Forex Scorpio Code does not have customers yet. So then, how did people arrive at the conclusion that this FX indicator is the real deal? I obviously take those claims with a pinch of salt until evidence is presented to me.

This indicator is said to monitor M1 and M5 time frames, and thus it appears to be a scalper. Its algorithm is based on trend analysis, where it basically finds good trade setups so that it can open positions accordingly.

However, I am not in a position to talk about the performance of Forex Scorpio Code because that is not available. I don’t even know why people who endorse this indicator are so obsessed with claims which can’t be verified with proof.

Who is Vladimir Ribakov?

The real Vladimir Ribakov owns a website whose domain can be accessed here — 

There, Mr. Vladimir Ribakov sells all kinds of Forex trading products. He sells SRS Trend Rider 2.0 (which appears to be a Forex indicator), Vladimir Ribakov’ Forex Crystal Ball (I have no idea what this is), Forex Triple B 2.0 (which he claims makes hundreds of dollars on auto-pilot) among other products.

This man also claims to have traded Forex for 11 years now, and that he is an experienced Forex mentor.

The one thing you should know is that Forex Scorpio Code is just impersonating Vladimir Ribakov. I do not think that this man owns You can check it out for yourself. But don’t be surprised that these two sites are actually owned by two different people.

On the same note, it’s also worth noting that the real Vladimir Ribakov does not have a track record of trading successfully, despite claims that he has traded FX for the last 11 years. Trust him at your own risk.

Why Forex Scorpio Code sucks

This product is most likely a scam. You will get it for whatever price and then implement it as directed in the instructions only to incur losses later on.

Information about it is currently very sketchy. Affiliate marketers keep yelling about how good Forex Scorpio Code is, yet that website is blank and appears to be waiting the launch date so that they can tell people more about the product.

So far, what I know is that Forex Scorpio Code uses trend analysis combined with something called Hybrid Prediction Formula.

Again, I am not sure what Hybrid Protection Formula is. Maybe they can explain what this means.

I wouldn’t call it the best Forex indicator in the market because I am not entitled to do so at this early stage.

First off, you should realize that this Forex indicator doesn’t have past performance data. I even don’t know why some people keep saying that it is the best FX indicator, yet this data is not available to help us verify the claims.

I do not care whether it is easy to use or not. Actually, Forex Scorpio Code does not serve your bottom line if it can’t make money. It doesn’t matter how user-friendly or beautiful the interface looks like. Endorsing it is not going to be possible when performance details are not available.


Let’s wait until Forex Scorpio Code launches on the said date. I don’t even think that it’s worth giving them your email address in anticipation that you will have some sort of advantage when it finally launches. And if it proves to be a good Forex indicator (although evidence suggests that this is yet another scam), then we will update this review accordingly.

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