Forex Robot Trader Review: FRT at a Big Scam!


Welcome to the Forex Robot Trader (FRT) review. The FRT is the maker of Odin Forex Robot, an expert advisor which they say has generated $172,291 in Forex trades.

Forex Robot Trader claims that they have the best Forex robots today.

In addition to this, The FRT is proclaiming that their Forex robots have netted over 47,000 pips this month (as at the time of writing this Forex Robot Trader review).

The developer’s name is Don Steinitz. However, it is quite difficult to establish whether or not this is their real name.

The reason why the Forex Robot Trader is a suspicious operation is because they are selling robots which they claim are making thousands of dollars per month in returns.

FRT sells these robots for $49 and $129 depending on which robot a trader wants and what features they desire.

These Forex robots are supposed to generate between $27,000 and even $170,000 in monthly returns.

Again, these numbers are only raising suspicion. If this was true, everybody would be rich today, thanks to FRT.

But not everybody is rich despite Forex Robot Trader offering tens of thousands of dollars per month in returns.

So, is Forex Robot Trader honest with their parade of Forex robot products?

Forex Robot Trader review

FRT has a bunch of products which they are selling for a variety of price points as mentioned above.

We will start by listing down the Forex robots which this developer is selling on their site, just in case you don’t know them.

  1. Pterodactyl Forex Robot
  2. Ganon Forex Robot
  3. Falcor Forex Robot
  4. Volatility Forex Robot
  5. Waverunner Forex Robot
  6. Hedge Forex Robot
  7. Fractal Breakout Robot
  8. Vader Forex Robot
  9. Reaper Forex Robot
  10. Directional Forex Robot
  11. HASMTF
  12. Odin Forex Robot

It’s quite funny because this list of Forex robots is just screaming the word scam.

Do you honestly think that a Forex robot costing $49 can make you thousands of dollars a month?

Forex Robot Trader frt review

It is laughable. Let me remind you one thing. Forex trading is not kids play.

It is a hard game, and until you learn it (which takes effort from your part), you cannot beat the markets consistently.

If you cannot learn, then you must invest in a decent Forex robot.

You have to remember that if trading was a walk in the park, everybody would be rich. We would just spend $49 on a Forex robot to attain financial freedom.

Forex Robot Trader is an anonymous service

To confirm that the FRT is indeed a scam, realize that the website does not have any contact form or info.

That means the cyber thieves cannot be reached. They have an FAQ section. But an FAQ page is simply not enough. We need to find a way to contact support with more questions. They are not providing this feature at all.

This is one sign that FRT is a scam. So I am only wondering how you can still go an extra mile to provide these suspicious individuals with your credit card details.

It is just risky and if you can, avoid completely. Or else, they will deduct money from your credit card each month even if they’ve stated that the price of the robot is a one time payment.

Forex Robot Trader review – the conclusion

One important thing that is lacking on this website is their verified trading performance.

You see, when a developer claims that they netted thousands of pips last month, it is important that they verify such bold statements with a verified myfxbook or FXblue account.

If neither of these are available, then it only raises questions with regards to the credibility of these Forex robots.

In short, the Forex Robot Trader is a scam. The money won’t come by investing in a scam.

I have always advised those who want to join the world of trading with the rest of us to learn the skill of trading. So if you truly desire to get into trading

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