Forex Robot Plus Review – an Obvious Scam


This review proves that Forex Robot Plus or ForexRobot+ is a scam trading robot. It is intended to trick new traders into depositing a minimum of $500, thereby losing it. You might be wondering how this is even possible.

The reality is that no quality trading software can be offered for free. And if you thought that a developer can burn the midnight oil, using up all their resources to create a software and distribute it for free, then you probably need to rethink again. It is not realistic.

Although no specific ROIs are promised by Forex Robot Plus, it’s clear that this is a too good to be true software. It resembles scam binary options software which used to snatch money from naive traders using the same trick that these crooks are using. Beware of Forex Robot Plus.

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Forex Robot Plus Review

They claim that Forex Robot + is an automated trading software for trading Forex and CFDs. But after analyzing the trading robot and evaluating the features, I realize that it is a binary options trading software. That is, it trades Call/Put options on pairs like EURUSD.

forexrobotplus reviews

This is not Forex trading. There is a good reason why this type of trading is called Binary Options and not Forex trading. Equally, there is no CFDs trading on this platform. It is all lies, and as you can see, the Forex Robot Plus is designed to trick you even more, thanks to the attractive looks that the site boasts.