Forex Real Profit EA Review: Is SCAM?

Forex Real Profit EA Review: Is SCAM?

Forex traders! Here’s another expert advisor that looks very suspicious. Forex Real Profit Expert Advisor is presented as the best expert advisor for any trader who doesn’t want to waste money on scams.

According to this vendor, Forex Real Profit EA was built with the capability to enter trades in stealth mode so that a non-ECN broker will never notice your stops.

At this point, it felt as if this developer was copying the sales pitch of a very popular website which sells Forex robots.

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0 is one of my favorite trading tools anyway. I bought it in June 2017, and so far, I can attest to the fact that this robot has been a great helper to me.

Back to the product that we were discussing in this review.

The developer says that Forex Real Profit Expert Advisor filters high impact news so that users’ accounts are not affected during unfavorable market conditions.

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This is so convincing. In fact, if you were to base your purchase decision on the list of features that Forex Real Profit EA is being promoted with, you’d quickly fork out the $199 yearly subscription fee which this vendor is asking for.

Now, hold your money until you are done with reading this review. Let’s take a look into what Forex Real Profit EA really is. Is it worth your money and time?

You’ll get an answer in this review as I approach this matter from an expert reviewer’s perspective. I will try as much as possible to support my statements with facts.

Forex Real Profit Expert Advisor Review

First of all, I don’t recommend purchasing this product due to a number of burning issues which haven’t been addressed till now.

The first issue has to do with the method of operation or strategy used by this expert advisor. In my opinion, this strategy is quite risky, and would see you losing money at the end of the day.

The developer describes Forex Real Profit Expert advisor as a group of 6 separate trading systems which also consist of 2 robots that scalp the markets during the Asian session.

Two of them look for trends so that they can take advantage of any scalping opportunity that may show up. The other two use breakout strategies to identify areas where money is most likely to be made.

This kind of diversified strategy is very appealing to Forex traders because people generally believe that the more diversified and flexible you are with your strategies, the more you will make money.

Apparently, this is not always the case.

You should probably observe their hourly breakdown of trades below.

Forex Real Profit EA scam and review

As you can see from the image above, most of the positions here were opened during the Asian market hours. This is a time when liquidity is quite low in the market. Making money can be tough during such conditions more so if the brokerage firm does not offer true ECN trading experience.

What I mean here is that the problem will most likely arise from the broker and not from the side of the guys who created Forex Real Profit EA.

The second reason is that scalping systems are often detected by the broker when liquidity is low.

Once this happens, the broker may assign poor execution prices to the trading account in question. At this point in time, you will be disadvantaged, and therefore losses will be inevitable no matter how the expert advisor trades your account.

The main risk involved here is not an account blow-up. In my opinion, Forex Real Profit EA will steadily eat your account balance if it keeps trading when market conditions are not right. Ultimately, you will lose a significant balance of your account.

What does trading history for this expert advisor say?

The Forex Real Profit EA has a trade history which you might be interested to look at.

Indeed they have a myfxbook account which is connected to a broker called IC markets. It has been active since 2013.

The net gain that this robot brought to this account was slightly above 400% at the time of writing this review.

In other words, this system appears to have doubled the balance of that account in a span of 4 or 5 years.

However, you should never be fooled by these results. First off, this myfxbook account was not verified. What does this tell you? It says that it is a fake account which Forex Real Profit EA claims to have connected with IC Markets.

And if this myfxbook account has never been verified up to now, then it means that Forex Real Profit EA must not be trusted at all cost.

Forex Real Profit EA myfxbook account


Draw down percentage

From what I have observed, the draw down for this expert advisor is not that bad. According to the 2013 results, the draw down was at 15%… although there was an early spike which was later corrected.

This is a good sign because it shows that this system will never wreck havoc on your account in the future. In the recent past, I have reviewed trading systems which suffer from very high draw down. I believe that this isn’t the case with this expert advisor.

The problem boils down to the average pips per trade of this particular expert advisor. That figure was standing at 1.9.

You should know that any trading system that puts that value below 3 pips is considered a poor EA. Although there are systems with an average pip per trade of 5, this is normally considered a stringent minimum. Others do yield a value of 9 pips, which is extremely good.

Therefore, as far as the average pip per trade is concerned, we can say that Forex Real Profit EA performed poorly.

Pricing of the Forex Real Profit EA

At $199, that price seems to be too high for someone who is looking to test this system. The vendor says that a money back guarantee policy is in place to secure your purchase.

The question is, what guarantee does the vendor give to assure traders of the fact that they will receive their money in the event that the expert advisor turns out to be a bogus product?

The point is, you should never ignore the tell tale signs hoping that a money back guarantee policy will cover you. Most of the time, dishonest developers don’t honor what they say. They say one thing and do another.

Who owns this website?

To trust someone that they will sell you an EA that works, you’d need to verify their track record or performance in terms of their trading activities.

In this case, the developer has an ‘about us’ page that does not say anything about the vendor. They remain an anonymous software vendor with no address to reach them.

I’ve actually talked to them in the past concerning the issue of track record. Instead of getting conclusive evidence that this vendor knows his game well, they directed me to their very same unverified myfxbook results and claimed that those results were a true indication of the performance of the Forex Real Profit EA.

I asked them why the account was not verified. Unfortunately, I have never received any response from them up to now. This is worrying.

My Best advice

I have investigated and observed that Forex Real Profit Expert Advisor is a ”night scalper”. The problem with night scalpers is that they are prone to suffering poor results when brokers manipulate market conditions. Also, since this vendor’s myfxbook results has not been verified, it is extremely dangerous to ignore this matter. You can find your ideal trading system using this link.

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