Forex Portfolio Management Services with Good Results

Forex Portfolio Management Services with Good Results

We offer online Forex pool account services but we also like to educate our investors. The first thing you need to know is that Forex Trading Portfolio Management is a product of its own class. A Forex portfolio management services company or entity will announce that they are making a certain monthly return for their customers. But what does it take for this company to make you those profits?

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There are questions which you should ask before opening an online Forex pool account with any money manager. This article actually uses Iron FX Group as a point of reference because they claim to deal in online Forex pool accounts but there are numerous reports on the internet about people who are complaining they got cheated.

You’ve probably bumped into IronFX Group when researching about the best Forex managed accounts services but in my opinion, this is far from being the best. It is the worst. I do not see how a ”legit”
Forex portfolio management services provider can be accused of so many misdeeds.

There is IronFX withdrawal problems which have been reported by many PAMM account investors. Upon investigating the business entity, I discovered that the Cyprus branch of IronFX (which is also known as FX Giants) has been using the corporate name Notesco Financial Services since January 2018.

forex portfolio management services

Prior to this, the Forex portfolio management services provider suffered a ruling by the Cyprus Consumer Protection. It was about Iron FX getting into an unfair contractual clause” with its investors.

In November 2015, the CySEC announced that it was going to collect a settlement of 335,000 EUR from the Forex portfolio management services provider. Iron Fx had been basted for lying that their clients were cheating. In the same year, the Brazillian CVN warned investors against Iron FX scam. And there are also countless complaints against Iron FX. At this point, I am beginning to suspect that this is outright fraud. I even wonder why the CySec has not revoked the license of this Forex portfolio management services provider (they are also a Forex broker hence they need a license), seeing that quality of service has deteriorated since the beginning of 2015.

The best Forex Portfolio Management Services

While there are many companies that claim to deal in online Forex pool account services, just a few of them actually conduct their operations in a way that is expected of them. Most of the dubious operations in this area are conducted by internet charlatans and you know what, these salesmen are pretty good in their work. They collaborate with shady brokers to steal from you or make it impossible to withdraw your money. That is the reason Iron FX has been bashed by its former clients.

Managed Forex accounts with good results plus how not to lose money

When searching for a reliable Forex Portfolio management service, the most common mistake that investors do is picking from a list of several affiliated Forex portfolio management companies. See the below image.

Best managed forex account or portfolio management services

Do you see the above screenshot from Google? Most newbie online Forex pool account investors will pick the results you are seeing there without going through the top 10 Google results to see what other options that are available.

This is the opinion of a writer who might not even be a PAMM account investor in the first place. So how can they have the conviction that their ”list of managed Forex accounts with good results” is not misleading? If not, how can an investor like you determine that the person listing the ”best Forex portfolio management services” has no monetary affiliations with the various online Forex pool account providers whom they are endorsing?

There is nothing wrong with promotion services for a commission. However, it can be wrong if the writer is misleading the reader for monetary gains.

And if you have a habit of Googling products and services and making your purchase decisions from a list like this, finding a truly high performance managed Forex account is going to be a pipe dream for you. The worst that can happen to you is getting scammed.

Closing remarks

We believe that this article has shade some light about Forex Portfolio management services on the internet, particularly with regards to our Iron FX example.

If you are looking for a high performance managed Forex account provider, we are here for you. Just contact us for inquires and we will provide you with details of how to get started with our fully managed Forex accounts.

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