Forex Lens Review: Scam Toronto-Based MAM and Signal Provider?


In this review, I am looking at a signals, managed Forex account and trading education provider all in one. Forex Lens tells us that their signals are analyzed by multiple professionals and are delivered through phone, Desktop and Telegram.

On the other hand, their managed Forex accounts service (MAM) is run without fees because they are using a profit-sharing business model.

Last but not least, the Forex Lens trading educational product gives traders access to a live trading room with real sessions being recorded in real time. This is the kind of thing you need if you’re looking for a serious Forex trading educator.

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Forex Lens claims that traders who subscribe to this product will learn real trading strategies that can help them become successful in Forex and Cryptocurrency trading.

Forex Lens appears to be based out of Toronto, Canada according to online searches which suggest that indeed the business is operated from this part of the world.

Their supposed visiting address is listed at the footer of the site together with their working hours (Monday through Sunday) and a phone number as well. And the Forex Lens website looks very professional. A live chat is provided to engage visitors as soon as they land on the official website.

They believe that by utilizing their $14 trial plan which runs for 2 weeks, we can ultimately subscribe for $57 per month to enjoy their signals service and make the business a second source of income.

There are also numbers on this sales page which have piqued my interest and I am already thinking that if I can find proof of the 75-80% signals win rate, the Forex Lens service could be the best Forex trading service that we ever encountered on the world wide web.

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Forex Lens Review

The most outstanding service on the Forex Lens sale page is their signals service. They claim that we will receive signals from 5 different providers onto our phone, desktop and Telegram but it is not clear whether these providers are contractors or people who own the Forex Lens website. At the end of the day, we need winning Forex signals. We don’t care where these signals are coming from.

Forex Lens review toronto

With the Forex Lens site, we are promised a few good things like learning how to become profitable traders, thanks to the experience and expertise that their lead traders have.

The second benefit has to come from the fact that we can earn while we learn. I presume that this basically means that Forex Lens will be giving us free trading signals if we subscribe to their trading room.

Thirdly, the team on this site tells us that they can save us the time needed to analyze charts as they will do the analysis for us and send us the trade setups.

Best of all, they claim that Forex Lens MAM service can help manage our accounts without needing any effort from our side.

The 5 different Forex signal providers are as follows:

1 AtomFX – analyzing signals using intraday trading strategies

2 BravoFX – specializes in swing trading

3 BladeFX – intraday trading

4 GauntletFX – swing trading

5 Jon Quenta – captain

From the above list, we see the website is utilizing a mix of intraday and swing trading but not giving us the exact strategies which they are using to place entries and exits in the Forex market.

I think this information is being treated confidentially to avoid exposing the real strategy behind their success.

forex lens review

Forex Lens also tells us that their team is made up of professional traders with 40 years of experience. Although I was not able to establish who they are, an email conversation with the team’s representatives gave me the impression that the site is indeed run by professional traders.

These conversations always lead to asking for proof of trading success. I was presented with a trading system known as Dragon FX. This trading system generates over 18% in monthly returns and there is a myfxbook account to back it up.

We do not know what kind of returns they intend to achieve every month for their MAM customers.

Also, it is not clear whether the trial offer on their website is designed to test signals only or all their 3 products i.e. signals, trading education and managed Forex account.

But I do believe that this can easily be addressed through the chat feature which has been integrated onto the website.

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Forex Lens Review – product breakdown

For $57 a month, we can get Forex signals from Forex Lens or Forex live trading room for $97 per month.

The Forex Lens MAM account service requires $500. However, if traders are funding their MAM accounts with less than $5,000, Forex Lens charges 30% performance fees. That is the norm in this industry and any investor willing to take advantage of MAM accounts using a small deposit such as $1000 should be prepared to pay slightly higher commission.

If they are funding their MAM accounts with an amount that is above $5,000, they will charge 25% performance fee.

Forex Lens website tells us that they are working with FXchoice (for traders in the US and across the world) and Vantage FX for non-US traders.

Obviously, before trusting these traders with my money, I’d need to see what their performance has been in the last 2 months.

Forex Lens Review – trading results

There are no trading results anywhere on this site, only promises that their signals service has a win rate of up to 85%. But if you ask them for proof, they’ll actually give you a link to their myfxbook account which is a good thing because at least they can prove their claims.

Otherwise, if this link was not available, it would have been hard to believe them because nearly all signal vendors out there make claims when the truth is that they are losing money. This is not the case with Forex Lens though.

There are zero promises with regards to the kind of returns that we can make from their MAM account too. Ask them and you should get an answer right away.


Forex Lens has what it takes to make us stable profits in the Forex marketplace. I know it for sure.

Also, if you have had a positive experience with this signals service and trading educator, drop your comments so I can hear from you as well.

PS: I have researched and tested these Forex trading resources thoroughly. You won’t go wrong with any of the resources listed here.