Review: Forex Groups Scam Alert


You want reliable, stable and profitable Forex investment? Don’t be cheated by This is a website that claims to trade investor’s funds using innovative and automated trading technology developed by Forex Groups company. They claim that their system has been proven for many years but no actual strategy is being discussed.

They only want the gullible investor to believe that this is a unique trading technology which does not require leverage but can generate above average returns. This alone makes the Forex-groups website a scam because if the minimum deposit is $500, you cannot make huge returns within an investment period of 14 days only because that kind of deposit is very small to trade with if you’re not leveraging the account.

Furthermore, the scammers who run are guaranteeing daily positive yield in addition to claiming that all deposits plus profits will be returned to the investor after the maturity period. They claim to process all withdrawal requests within 12 hours. Think twice because something is not right with the way they claim to invest your money.

You should invest your hard earned money in these tools and resources. review

All I can see is a scam website trying to convince you with vague language that they are investing in the Forex market. Where is the evidence that they trade Forex market? Where is Forex Groups performance or track record to back their earning claims? If you have $500 to invest in Forex, I pray that you open your eyes and do the sober thing by investing it with any of these Forex trading resources which are listed on this page.

I would have recommended this reliable Crypto trading service but the problem is that they accept a minimum deposit of $1000 or 0.1 Bitcoin. So if you’re looking for a Forex investment operation that can let you invest $500 or even less, the page above can be a godsend because it contains tools and resources which have defied the test of time. Try them and you will thank me later.

The deceptive packages offered by Forex Groups scam

There are 4 different packages available for investors who want to go as far as sending these scammers some money. I will list them down here for your convenience.

  1. The starter package
  2. The advanced package
  3. Senior package
  4. VIP package

The first two investment package by have a duration of 14 days while the other two have a duration of 21 days. It simply means that at the end of the said duration, Forex Groups scam will allegedly return your deposit plus profits.

forex groups review

The higher the package, the more money you are sending to Forex Groups scam. For instance, the minimum that you can invest is $500. If you opt for the advanced package, you will be required to send $1,500. If you go for the senior or VIP packages, you will invest $4,000 and $12,000 respectively.

The deception that is

First of all, the kind of daily returns promised here don’t make any sense. I have been around in the trading industry for so long and I can tell you these earning claims are outrageous and sad. 8% a day is not possible in any Forex trading operation.

If you want to ascertain the truth, purchase this Forex and Crypto trading course and then start trading on your own. You will ultimately become a better trader who earns a living by implementing the lessons in this Forex course but once you start earning, you will see that 8% is not possible in a day.

Secondly, Forex groups claims that they are paying fast interest and withdrawals. You should know that Forex trading is not an avenue for getting rich quickly people. Crypto trading is much better because of the volatility but even then, we cannot become rich in a few days unless we invest astronomical amounts of money into a reliable Crypto trading operation. I believe that those who are getting into this for the first time don’t have a lot of money to invest and become rich overnight.

The claim that Forex-groups is offering guaranteed daily interest is also too good to be true. It is meant to persuade gullible investors by making them think that Forex trading will generate returns on a daily basis.

If you have traded Forex for a significant length of time, you will realize that when the markets are quiet, it can take several days before you can even make a profit. Unfortunately, most scam internet marketers selling snake oil Forex investments products are just deceptive. They use this claim to mislead investors.

This scam even claims that they have excellent customer service but what they actually have on their site is an email. You can’t live chat with them and generally email response take hours before they can be attended to.

Conclusion is not an intelligent scam because nearly every one of you who has traded Forex will see that this is a fraud. You must avoid Forex groups at all cost. One of the best ways to invest money right now is by putting it in Cryptocurrencies. This website can help you invest your Bitcoins wisely for a monthly return of up to 25%. That means if you’re investing $10,000 worth of Bitcoin, you should make $2500 as profit in the first month. If we use compounding, you should be able to double your Bitcoin deposit in a couple of months. Please avoid Forex groups though.