Forex Gold Investor Review: Myfxbook Analysis and so on


Today I’m reviewing an automated trading robot by FX Automater team known as the Forex Gold Investor EA. The advertised win rate is 88% and this time round, the team claims we can make money trading Gold, thanks to their automated trading robot, the Forex Gold Investor EA. I have analyzed their myfxbook thoroughly and I’m in a position to address all your questions and concerns. But before we move to the next section of the Forex Gold Investor review, let’s just confess that this is one of those sales pages that you cannot ignore unless you are well informed and are fully aware of the details to look for before conducting any purchase transactions.

Can the Forex Gold Investor ( kill it with the advertised 88%? We’ll let you know. The sales pitch tries to convince us that this is the most preferred expert advisor for those who want to trade precious metals. It appeals to previous metal investors.

The Forex robot has been around for quite some time since it was launched in September 2017 but we are almost coming to the end of 2019. I believe several updates have gone by.

The team behind the Forex Gold Investor EA have been around for quite some time. However, this does not mean all their products have been a success. In fact, you might be surprised by the conclusion of this review, now that I have also checked their myfxbook and taken note of their trading results.

I’m highly recommending these expert advisors and trading services in general. These recommendations have been embraced very well by the trading community in general.

Forex Gold Investor Review

The team behind this expert advisor, FX automater are not disclosing their location or experience in this industry. All we know is that they have been behind a couple of other Forex robots in the industry.

Forex GOLD Investor review

In terms of the trading strategy of this expert advisor, we learn that the team is quite vague with their explanation as they tell us that this EA uses intraday gold price cycles.

To make it sound as if this is the best expert advisor for trading gold, the team claims that they have identified patterns in the gold market which means they know specific times to buy and sell gold.

The exact details of how they have studied or engineered the algorithm is not shared but they still want us to know that this parameter has been included into the trading algorithm of the Forex Gold investor EA.

The team at FX automater also wants the expert advisor trading community to believe that the software in question has been properly tested for entry and exit logic and that it trades quite frequently with a high win rate.

The Forex Gold Investor comes with a draw down protection system, intelligent money management system and a revolutionary ”go long” trading system.

It uses the M15 time frame and specifically trades XAUUSD (GOLD). The strategy appears to be following the trend.

They even tell us that the Forex Gold Investor is a ”sure bet” investment. This is a ridiculous statement to use for promoting any kind of trading product or service. Unless there is proof that this is the surest bet in the world, there is no need to make use of such ridiculous statements. Even when we advice newbie traders and those looking for reliable expert advisors to use these products, we are always very careful not to use misleading words. In fact, we prefer slow but consistent returns which is exactly what those recommending automated trading solutions are providing.

Most advanced trading system that extract profits from the Gold market

Trading gold, we are told, is the perfect strategy for sophisticated investors looking for consistent returns with minimal loss performance.

The FX automater team also reminds us that sophisticated investors have used Gold as a way to hedge their investment regardless of whether the equity markets go up or down.

They tell us that smart traders still make money with gold even when the markets are in turmoil.

We think this should be the essential of trading without necessarily holding the asset. For instance, there are certain traders who buy Bitcoin in bear market and hold the asset so they can sell at a later date when price has tripled.

Then there are those who trade it without necessarily holding the asset. They do it via a broker or through a reliable Crypto wealth manager like this one.

But it has been proven that those who trade without holding the underlying asset tend to make more than those who hold and sell at a later date.

Therefore, this talk of FX automater team in relation to their product, Forex Gold Investor, is just a way to make newbies curious so they can make rush purchase decisions.

Look at the pricing of this product. It is currently retailing at $197. The developer has consistently reduced the price of this product over the last couple of months and I believe this is due to reduced demand for this particular product. This is also contrary to the claim that price will increase to $397 in the next few days. I have visited this site a couple of times and the price countdown has never stopped counting.

For your information, these guys created Forex Diamond EA, Forex Trend detector, Wallstreet Forex robot and Volatility factor 2.0.

Everyone of these products have an attractive sales page with splendid myfxbook results. However, the devil is always in the details.

Forex Gold Investor myfxbook results

I am looking at Forex Gold Investor myfxbook page and I am noticing that this is a demo account by IC markets broker. Since August 2018, this robot has achieved +62.12 gains (this figure keeps changing by the hour) and monthly returns are maintained at 4%.

forex gold investor myfxbook

This is not bad. In fact, when we consider the performance of a certain nice EA recommended on this page (GPS Forex robot), we find that the performance is almost the same.

The difference is that the EA we are recommending is actually backed by real and verified myfxbook results as opposed to a demo account. It shows that the developer is willing to put their money where their mouth is in order to prove that their EA really works.

The numbers look ok although I don’t believe that the Forex Gold Investor EA trades on a daily basis since the number of recorded trades one year later is just 224.


After looking at Forex Gold Investor myfxbook results, I feel like this could be a product of interest and scrutiny which is why I am not adding it to the list of most recommended expert advisors and trading resources. I will follow closely and if I see that the performance is becoming stable and the developer is willing to risk his money to prove their point, I will definitely recommend it. For now, just stick to these products and if you have used this product before, please comment below this review. We appreciate feedback very much.