Fluid Trader Review: Is Fluidtrader.com SCAM?


Have you come across an expert advisor called Fluid Trader and are wondering whether or not it’s legitimate? You should probably read this expert review before making up your mind.

This expert advisor simply uses a weird trading pattern that has apparently doubled the vendor’s account in less than 5 months.

The sales page claims that this strategy is called ”simple pattern”, and that it doubles or even quadruples trading accounts in less than a year.

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Obviously this statement sounds like it is being pulled out of thin air. It’s something that most vendors like to use when marketing their software.

For example, when I reviewed Forex MegaDroid, I realized that the homepage had some element of hype. That’s why I am concerned. It’s the reason I am writing this Fluid Trader review in the first place.

Fluid Trader review

Fluid Trader review

First off, the developer of this expert advisor is an unknown person. Nevertheless, they’ve been producing trading products in the past, even when people don’t know who they are yet.

I might mention these products in this review just to give you some useful insights concerning this matter.

Besides not revealing who they are, the Fluid Trader website does not give any address that would help with the identification of the exact location of their office. But there is an email address on the site where traders can contact the developers if they wish to do so.

Also, traders can only gain access to the sales page by first providing their email contact. It is a very long sales page. Honestly, I was not able to read the whole of it. However, I managed to capture the most important details concerning the expert advisor being promoted.

The sales page has a YouTube video on it. This is the first thing that you will see when you sign up (I did so with a fake email address since I didn’t want to get spammed).

This video was uploaded by someone called Lance Hunter. Now, for the first time, we have a name that is associated with the developer of Fluid Trader expert advisor.

Inside this video, Lance promises his audience that with this Forex trading product, they can get on the fast track to making a fortune in trading Forex. According to this developer, useful patterns which are consistent do emerge in less utilized currency pairs in the Forex market, and that this is the only bullet in the gun that shall help you make this fortune.

The specific pairs being mentioned here are AUDUSD and USDCHF which the developer says are less volatile and more consistent, hence they are easy to build an expert advisor around.

Furthermore, developer claims that the main reason why these pairs are favorable is because price action patterns tend to show up in these charts, and these predominantly move in a sideways manner. These patterns are easy to spot on higher time frames.

In all this, I was able to establish that the developer was essentially saying that Fluid Trader expert advisor utilizes price action’s large mean reversion element to tell the future direction of the market.

So far, this is the most comprehensive explanation that I have ever gotten from a developer. I must admit that this is the most in-depth, insightful description that a developer has ever published on their site. Therefore, we do have a clue about the strategy used by Fluid Trader EA.

Fluid Trader Review: Breaking down the features of this product

I have already mentioned the pairs that Fluid Trader EA utilizes. I have also hinted that it is a price action expert advisor.

However, I never mentioned anything to do with the time frame or pricing.

So according to the developer, Fluid Trader is highly efficient in trading on the M5 time frame. The price for one license goes for $347.

In my opinion, $347 isn’t cheap. It is actually a very expensive endeavor to invest in this expert advisor. In fact, Fluid Trader is among the few expert advisors in the higher range of pricing compared to most EA’s we see in the marketplace right now.

However, I also realized that most of this developer’s products are expensive. We should probably keep this in mind while talking about the Fluid Trader robot.

Lance Hunter: Could it be the name of this developer?

The sales page of Fluid Trader hints that the developer is called Lance Hunter. However, this name is never used quite often when promoting other products by the same developer.

In fact, the Fluid Trader EA is hosted on the same serve as Signal Step, Hedge Track Trader, and Tri-star Trader.

Some people also believe that this system is associated with another developer called Doug Price. Doug Price is the developer behind systems like PivotTraderPro, RevTraderPro, ChannelTraderPro and Vortex Trader.

I am not so sure because these are just speculations. However, if indeed it’s true, then we could say that this developer is releasing and focusing on selling too many products.

There is a risk of channeling out poor quality trading products to the market because it puts them in a situation where they are always in a hurry to sell one product after the other.

Trading results for Fluid Trader

Fluid Trader testing

This expert advisor was apparently back-tested a couple of times and is also being tracked through this myfxbook account. The developer actually provides us with some screenshots of their back-tested results as well as links back to their myfxbook account.

Fluid Trader performance

The myfxbook account which we are talking about here is a demo account. It started tracking this software in October 2016. So far, it is showing a gain of over 101% and a draw down of 21%.

So far, this robot’s performance has been tracked for nearly 5 months.

In my opinion, this shows that Fluid Trader is running on a low-risk setting. But it could also mean that the software hasn’t run into some serious issues during its short time of sample testing.

If I analyze the trading style of Fluid Trader, I see that it is a scalper already. Most trades aim at 5 pips take profit with an average loss of 8 pips. I can say that this is not a bad risk/reward ratio.

I only needed the developer to come out in the open and mention that this is a scalper. Nowhere in the sales page have they mentioned the word ”scalping”.

Wrapping it up

Now, this is the ultimate conclusion that you’ve been waiting with bated breath. But I can assure you that it is still too early to make a conclusive judgement on this matter. Although some of the trading products from this developer haven’t had very positive reviews, we cannot give a blanket judgement that this software will give us the same results. Maybe it might be different. Or maybe it might just give the same results as its other counterparts.

We still need more of trading samples and user feedback to make a good conclusion.