Falcon Trading Guidance Review: falconfx.co.uk Scam Alert


Hosted at Falconfx.co.uk, Falcon Trading Guidance (Falcon FX) promises to inspire, guide, educate and evolve the struggling trader. It is owned and operated by Mark Hutchinson. As to whether or not Mr. Mark is a wakadoodle is one of the questions we will seek to address in this Falcon Trading Guidance review.

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That said, Falcon Trading Guidance provides a wealth of info on their site which is geared towards convincing the struggling trader that they can make money if they paid a small price to join the trading school.

Falcon Trading Guidance claims that their service is different from any other because they believe in following a simplistic and structure-drive approach.

They tout a lot of resources on their website to give the impression of value. These include 100 hours of training videos which includes live weekly webinars, weekly recaps and quick tips.

For a monthly subscription of £97 or £247 for three months, Mark believes that you can start making money right away by accessing a wealth of trading education resources.

Mark claims to be a retail trader with 8 years of experience. He is also the author of 10 Steps to Achieving Your Goals.

8 years is surely a long time and I wonder whether Mark of Falcon Trading Guidance can provide a detailed record highlighting some of his past trades.

Mark Hutchinson of Falcon Trading Guidance

This problem keeps raring its ugly head every time I settle on a trading educator.

When I ask a trading educator to send me his redacted trading statement so I can believe his claims, they always tell me that they are not sharing this information with anyone because it’s confidential and anyone can manipulate it.

Others confess outright that they don’t have it. But can you imagine a trading educator with 8 years of experience writing to me that they cannot show us their trading performance because it’s confidential and yet they want us to subscribe for their service?