Extra Edge FX EA Review: Can it make you a Millionaire?


Extra Edge FX EA (Extraedgefxea.com) is among the latest entrants into the Forex marketplace, and they are alleging that this is the only robot that gives traders the chance of joining the exclusive millionaire’s club.

On the other hand, the creator claims that they are full time traders and millionaires too, thanks to Extra Edge FX EA.

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So this is the main reason why they want you to buy their software. They want you to attain ‘financial freedom’ and probably recover the losses that you might have suffered while trading with bogus systems.

ExtraEdge FX EA review and salespage

Also, the sales pitch is very consistent with the idea of becoming a millionaire with this software. The landing page keeps preaching that you will soon become a millionaire if you use Extra Edge FX EA. It almost sounds like they are selling a dream or some get-rich-quick opportunity. At this point, this robot wouldn’t be very different from hundreds of other robots that are currently promising millions in a short time.

Again, despite this website telling us that the creator of this particular trading system is a millionaire and full time trader, we don’t know him at all.

This millionaire simply chooses to remain anonymous as we are not told about him. There is only a contact form on the website where you can reach them with your questions.

Some of these things are actually making me curious. There is need to investigate this robot some more. Thankfully, I have done the hard work on your behalf, and here’s what I have discovered thus far.

First of all, don’t shop for signal providers from websites that purport to vet vendors on your behalf. Most of these sites don’t have your best interest at heart.

Two, beware of the so-called trading gurus. They are a dangerous lot especially if they can’t provide evidence of their trading activities.

Extra Edge FX EA Review

The first thing that the owner of this software tells his customers is that their software is profitable and will place them on the fast track to becoming millionaires simply because it was created by someone who trades on a daily basis.

While the idea of becoming a millionaire is emphasized on this website, the developer also claims that he is not promising overnight riches, yet that is exactly what they are doing.

The term ”millionaire” is used everywhere across the sales page. Besides this, the developer did not reveal who they were.

So the bottom line is that if this developer wants to rely on a virtually non-existent reputation, they should be prepared to produce proof that Extra Edge FX expert advisor works as claimed on the sales page.

However, this has not happened. The more I investigated, the more I discovered more disturbing things concerning the so-called Extra Edge FX EA.

Breakdown of features of the Extra Edge FX EA

There are a couple of features that are listed on this site. The developer actually promises the user that they will enjoy these features if they purchase the robot in question.

Some of the things they touch on is user-friendliness, convenience, a 30-day money back guarantee (this has to be taken with a pinch of salt), 24/7 customer support, 100% automated, free updates and many more.

The strategy that this robot uses was not mentioned. However, the developer also said that this robot was designed to trade both EURUSD and GBPUSD.

What I did not find was trading results. Of course the best way to discuss a trading system is by using trade history or performance. So, how does Extra Edge FX EA perform? Or how has it performed since its launch into the marketplace?

Trading results for Extra Edge FX EA

The developer provides us with an FXBlue account where all trading activities for this robot are tracked.

Extra Edge FX review and performance on fxblue

Personally, I prefer myfxbook to FXBlue. The former is more user-friendly and professional in terms of displaying trading results.

Anyways, this FXBlue account has since crashed after slightly over a month of continuous testing on this robot.

Prior to the crashing of this tracking account, the robot gained over 80% return on investment in a period of 32 days. This is a very huge gain within a short period of time.

In fact, this suggests that Extra Edge FX EA was using some high risk trading strategy to make money off the Forex market. You see, it took a USD1500 worth of account to USD2600 in just 32 days. Then it never proceeded well because as you know, this robot crashed to the extent of burning the entire account. It only left a balance of $5. Can you imagine?

Going by the terrible results above, we cannot say that Extra Edge FX EA can make anyone a millionaire. It would only be a pipe dream to think or even wish so.

Also, when this robot was still basking in glory, it had a risk-reward ratio of 1 is to 5. This meant that it used to win trades 5 times more than its losses. But this was never to be as evidently seen on this page.


Extra Edge FX EA review and pricing

Honestly, I do not even know why this website exists. The robot crashed, plain and simple. Who buys failing trading products? Unless you want to throw money into the trash can, there is no need to think twice about this software.

However, this developer looks like they still have a plan. The plan is to collect money from traders who don’t want to do their due diligence. That’s why this website is existing and the pricing is actually intact.

For the price of $199, you will get lifetime access to this money-losing robot. You can only use it on one trading account. For the price of $349, you will get lifetime access to this robot which can be used on two accounts. Ultimately, those who want to lose $599 can do so if they purchase the ultimate plan. This one can be used on 5 real trading accounts.

Of course this is interesting given that the developer does not even have a reputation, yet they are selling a flawed trading product as if it were a genuine product.

Wrapping it up

Someone should be ashamed for selling a fake trading product. Extra Edge FX EA has definitely proved that it is a fake robot that loses money instead of making it. The developer should equally be ashamed of themselves because this amounts to outright fraud.