Exceptionalfund.com Review: Is the Exceptional Fund a Scam?

Exceptionalfund.com Review: Is the Exceptional Fund a Scam?

Welcome to the Exceptionalfund.com review. The domain where the Exceptional Fund is hosted at was created anonymously in May 2013, and does not appear to have been active until somewhere in August 2018 when the site began receiving a substantial stream of visitors.

The site claims that they have a track record for trading Cryptocurrencies profitably. So they believe they can easily generate a monthly ROI of 5%.

They seem to be guarantying high yield and low risk whether the markets rise or fall.

There are also a few testimonials on the Exceptional Fund website which depict how profitable this company is to invest with. However, there are zero customer feedback or testimonials elsewhere on the internet.

I am just in doubt why this is so if they claim to have run this operation for 5 years and yielding stable profits to their customers.

Anyway, I will analyze this Crypto fund from all angles and let you know whether or not this is an ideal place to invest your $1000.

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The Exceptional Fund Review

The Exceptional Fund reveals its location as Hong Kong but the site is hosted in the United States while the owner’s country is also hidden.

They are citing the address Exceptional Media Limited, Flat A, 15/F, Hillier Commercial Bldg, 65-67 Bonham Strand East, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.Exceptional Fund review

I am not sure if this is a visiting address or a real address but from what we see on the site, it is clear that the site operators are alleging that their operations are based in Hong Kong.

There is no phone number for contacting the Exceptional Fund operators. However, those who intend to send funds to them have been provided with a contact form and an email address at [email protected]

On the landing page of the Exceptional Fund, there is a sales video which explains how Cryptocurrencies are the best investments assets and how we can make money with these coins.

However, the sales video misses the point because I was expecting them to introduce themselves and tell us more of what they do and the kind of returns they have been able to generate thus far.

Additionally, I believe that the target client already knows what Bitcoin is, and does not need another 5 minute lecture on what Cryptocurrencies are and how they can generate returns.

Apart from the alleged 5% monthly ROI promised by the Exceptional Fund, the site is listing a number of supposed advantages which we can gain if we invest a minimum of $1000.

These include investment in diverse range of Cryptocurrencies where the ”expert traders” use high yield short term hold trades to generate daily returns, low cost operation where their ”skilled traders” operate based on performance only, hourly and daily analysis and industry-grade security of funds.

is Exceptional Fund scam

Basically, the stuff that we read here is quite generic as it does not tell us how unique the Exceptional Fund really is.

They also tell us that their focus is on sustainability and long term protection of their clients capital. With these claims, it’s only sensible that they should show us some proof of their trading performance.

There is also the promise that the Exceptional Fund was battle-tested for 14 months and that they are making consistent returns like clockwork.

These promises are all flashy. However, if you think critically about the statements made by this website, you realize that they have nothing substantial, only promises with no performance proof to back them.

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The Exceptional Fund Review – their trading procedure

Every time we review an investment fund, we always want to find out the kind of trading methodology which they are using.

The Exceptional Fund tells us that they are using a combination of trading algorithms, proprietary system and exhaustive research.

Again, you realize that this is yet another generic statement which does not tell us anything about the actual trading methodology being used by this Crypto investment fund.

The Exceptional Fund Reviews

Well, there are 6 client testimonials on this site. My next task would be to analyze these reviews carefully to identify any hint of deception.

Indeed each one of the supposed clients of the Exceptional Fund has a Facebook or LinkedIn profile – which is a good resource to find out whether they are real clients of this Crypto investment fund.

I investigated a few social media profiles belonging to these people and realized that nothing was linking them to this Crypto fund or suggesting that they are customers of the Exceptional Fund.

And even if they admitted, I would not completely rule out the possibility of these people having some relations with the site owner.

To confirm whether this was the story elsewhere, I input the phrase ”the Exceptional Fund reviews” on Google to see what traders and investors were saying.

Unfortunately,nothing showed up which is related to this Crypto investment fund. That is quite weird especially when I recall the fact that this domain has existed for 5 years and the operators have been claiming to make consistent returns for their clients.

It seems like I am the only one taking a shot on the Exceptional Fund since there are literally no reviews on the internet which talk about this company or the experience of customers who invest with them. This is very suspicious in my opinion.

The Exceptional Fund Review – where is trading performance?

To answer this question, the site has decided to post an interactive picture of one of their supposed clients dashboard.

That picture has also been stamped as demo. So I am not sure whether these results are real or not.

The other thing is that in these results, I am not able to see what deposit the client started with. I am only seeing ROI for 7 days and 1 month respectively.

Exceptional Fund performance

While the Exceptional Fund claims that this is a true read-only client account, I do not think this is a verified performance proof statement.

I prefer fund managers who utilize a statement sharing service like myfxbook because that way, I can analyze the results from the first day they started trading.

Unfortunately, most shady investment funds like Centre Forex, Diamond Managed FX, Redbrook Financial Management and many more do not have this proof.

Also, in these results, the screenshot can be manipulated very easily. There is just no guarantee that the results presented here are authentic.

The Exceptional Fund review conclusion

My recommendation is that you should use caution because the site is even accepting payment in Bitcoin or wire (both options cannot be reversed).

I cannot trust their 5% monthly ROI narrative because there is no verified proof of performance.

Also, the owners are anonymous, and this eliminates the credibility which they would have built with potential clients.

Thanks for reading the Exceptional Fund review. If you have something to say, please comment below. I do not trust this investment fund.

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