Ethereumcashpro Scam or Legit? Important Review


Ethereum Cash Pro at is allegedly offering an opportunity to lend, stake, trade and mine a token known as Ethereum Cashpro.

They claim that EthereumCashPro is trusted by 1 million members, a statement which is hard to verify because nearly all scams in this industry are making those proclamations.

To earn a monthly revenue from Ethereum Cash Pro, the site is giving an opportunity to hold the token which will attract a monthly interest of 5%.

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An affiliate bonus is also promised for those who bring in new members under them.

Members are supposed to purchase ECP tokens to enjoy the alleged advantages of holding ECP coin.

These include access to ECP-branded debit cards, ECP ATM cash withdrawals, online shopping with ECP tokens and even the ability to purchase other tokens using ECP coins.

Due to the experience that we have with the blockchain technology and also the fact that we have reviewed several similar operations before, we think you should seriously read this EthereumCashPro review before attempting to invest in this token.

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Ethereum CashPro Review

The first claim which is very critical to this EthereumCashPro review is that this service is highly trustworthy.

That’s what they claim on the ECP coin sales page. In addition to this, they believe that EthereumCashPro is superior compared to the traditional payment systems.

This is because it uses the Ethereum network to facilitate transactions between one user to the other.

Since it’s decentralized and safe according to the words on the sales page, Ethereum Cash Pro believes that their platform is one of the safest and cost effective to people who want to transfer funds.

Other features which ECP has adapted include the ability to lend the coins with the promise of a fixed return at the end of the investment duration.

ECP platform claims that this feature will depend on whether or not the public wants this coin.

In other words, we should not completely rely on the lending feature just yet.

Another important point to note is that there are many ponzi schemes around which are selling similar tokens and claiming to offer lending programs to investors who want to earn interest from P2P lending.

There is nothing to set this one apart from what other lending programs are offering.

Additionally, the site has launched a mobile app to expand its reach among mobile users too.

According to the site, ECP will run and maintain the mobile app because it is built using the existing Ethereum blockchain network.

EthereumCashPro Review – more supposed benefits

The benefits of adopting ECP coin is that it has no financial boundaries.

That is expected because we are dealing with Cryptocurrencies here, and so transfer of funds from one person to the other regardless of the distance is not a new thing.

Other supposed benefits including cost effectiveness when using the Ethereum network to send funds from person A to person B.

Based on our analysis of the platform, we strongly feel that Ethereum Cash Pro is not offering anything new to the table, plus chances that this will turn into a ponzi scheme is nearly 100%.

EthereumCashPro Review – Is ECP scam or legit?

This opportunity is quit suspicious because it shows signs of a pump and dump scam.

Learn how it is done here just to get a sneak peak. The site is quite pushy with their lending, staking and affiliate program.

Their affiliate system is heavily promoted and not giving us much information pertaining to why they want us to join as affiliates.

In addition to this, Ethereum Cash Pro does not reveal the team behind their operation as well as the exact location of the company.

This means that Ethereum Cash Pro just lacks the transparency which investors need before they can ever trust them with real money in exchange for ECP tokens.

As it stands, the platform is just filled up with generic content which serves to fill up the sales page. This is to make them look legit.

Ethereum Cash Pro legit

If they were a legit Cryptocurrency startup, I believe that their team members would have nothing to hide.

Probably there is no team behind this operation at all, hence the lack of transparency or mentioning of that team.

The fear that I have is whether Ethereum Cash Pro is a real company working with a real team that understands the concept of Cryptocurrencies.

What could eventually happen is that Ethereum CashPro will end up sinking a few months from now after it has collected enough revenue from the public.

There is no strong roadmap in place. There is absolutely nothing that suggests the value of ECP coin will rise.

For a Cryptocurrency to rise in value, it must be backed by a lot of factors like those that support Bitcoin, i.e legislation, adoption rate and so on.

EthereumCashPro Review – conclusion

None of the claims they make can be verified. They claim to be the best trading platform but this has not be confirmed.

Plus what they are offering is something that nearly all ponzi schemes masquerading as Cryptocurrency startups are offering.

Therefore, our best advice would be to avoid EthereumCashPro at all cost.

Don’t spend on this Cryptocurrency. You’ll regret it if you ignore this Ethereum Cash Pro review.