Ember Fund Review: Is it safe or Legit?


There is a lot of buzz on the internet about Ember Fund (emberfund.io) because for one, they claim that they are offering everyone the opportunity to invest in re-balanced Cryptocurrency portfolio (learn about re-balancing here), and secondly, Ember Fund Crypto investment company also claims they are automatically buying Crypto for their investors at the lowest price and selling at the highest price for profits to be realized.

Ember Fund Crypto company targets inexperienced traders and especially those who cannot afford to invest a big amount upfront.

ember fund reviews

As an ”investor”, you are told that if you download the app, you can get started right away into the world of Crypto currency investing. Is this a scam or legit investment operation?

Note: if you go to this site, you will be given the rare chance of investing at least 0.1 Bitcoin for a stable monthly return of 25%. If you ask for compounding or you automatically upgrade your investment plan, you will realize even more returns in a short period of time. So I think based on this fact, investing on this site is a better idea than taking your money to Ember Fund where there will be some level of uncertainty.

Back to the Ember Fund review:

You should be asking yourself whether the company EmberFund.io is offering legit and reliable investment plans even before investing the minimum deposit required by them.

I have reviewed a few Crypto investment projects that operate with the same concept as Ember Fund (Revix is a good example) and realized that even though the investment idea is making sense, there is always the unknowns. The site says the minimum is $100 and in other parts of the website, they tell investors that the minimum is $300. I am not sure where they stand but today I decided to write a review of Ember fund to educate those who are not familiar with this company’s operations.

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Let’s get started:

Ember Fund review- what is Ember Fund?

Ember fund operates their business model using an app where users create their accounts and manage all their portfolio from one point.

The app is quite easy to use since users can register and choose their fund right away.

The next step is to link your bank account or Coinbase wallet (I am against this) because despite Ember fund claiming that data is encrypted using cutting-edge technology powered by Airbitz/Edge, there is no assurance that this is the case.

Sending funds from an external wallet (which is also an option they provide) appears to be a valid option. You could use this method because it appears to be the safest at this time.

The other aspect of Ember Fund Crypto is that they automatically create wallets for your portfolio and re-balance as well.

This concept seems appealing for newbies. Indeed it can be overwhelming to get into the world of Cryptocurrencies for the first time when you know nothing. The selling points that Ember fund uses is quite appealing because they give the notion that everyone can make money with Crypto currencies as long as they can invest $100 or $300.

Unlike other Crypto fund investment websites, there is no disclaimer to warn prospective investors of any potential losses. I expected them to publish this warning anywhere on their site.

Ember Fund review – you hold your own assets

They are using a different approach altogether where they claim to give 100% power to investors who want to hold their Crypto currency portfolio.

emberfund review

They claim that it is more secure and flexible. In their FAQ section, they claim that they have no access to your private keys and that all transactions happen in the blockchain and not from their servers.

This appears to be an effort to manipulate those who are not technical because Ember knows you won’t figure out the connection that happen in their operations when they involve your wallet, their app and the blockchain environment. I can assure you that there is no such operation that can happen without any digital footprints being left behind.

So if Ember Fund wants, they can gain access to your private data. There is no question about it.

Ember Fund Fees

They charge 1.5% fees on USD transactions involving buying, selling and re-balancing.

ember fund fees

They claim that the company is always searching for exchanges that can transact with the lowest price possible. These are shown to you upfront. This is allegedly the advantage which they are giving you with regards to how much you can save.

No additional fees have been revealed.

Is Ember Fund safe?

These guys are very new. The domain was registered in April 2018 but ownership information has been kept secret as confirmed by who.is platform.

With regards to whether Ember Fund is safe, legit or not legit, I’d say anyone who has not tried it yet cannot say much.

They are at their infancy stage and I believe that anyone who invests in multiple exchanges with proper education (this all-in-one Forex an Crypto investing course can give you enough knowledge) or trading bots can do a lot better than using their service.

Secondly, I would like to say that Crypto currencies are not an investment but currencies. They are supposed to be traded and if you cannot learn how to trade them professionally, the best option is to find a reliable Crypto currency fund that accepts a minimum deposit that you can afford. Many people agree that traditional Crypto funds are still the best.


Ultimately, the decision lies with you. I have not seen any reviews yet of people who claim to have made a profit with this concept that Ember fund is using. Maybe you can try them or maybe not. But if you were really determined to make money, the best way would be to invest in a traditional fund.