Eliumcoin.com Review: Is Elium Coin Scam or Legit?


Welcome to the Eliumcoin review. According to the tagline of the site, Eliumcoin is a secure, fast and convenient Cryptocurrency. The site is also offering the easiest way to withdraw funds, load Cryptocurrency wallets and bank accounts using their platform.

Eliumcoin has also rolled out their own branded MasterCard. To make it a fully-fledged investment platform, the site operators have now integrated an in-built wallet to facilitate easy and convenient exchange of Eliumcoin into Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other regular Cryptocurrencies in the market.

If you have come across Eliumcoin’s website and are wondering whether it’s scam or legit, you need to read this review to make an informed decision with regards to whether or not you should invest in this Cryptocurrency.

Eliumcoin Review

The main purpose of Elium Coin is to create an opportunity for sending funds across borders without unnecessary fees. It allows users of the platform to transact with one another directly because it runs on the Blockchain network.

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Some uses of Elium Coin

Eliumcoin apparently has some other uses as well. The main obvious use of this Cryptocurrency is to buy and sell privately the way we do it with any other Cryptocurrency.

The investors of Eliumcoin also tell us that transactions involving this coin take up to 30 minutes to confirm on the Blockchain network while those of Bitcoin can take up to 45 minutes.

However, the coin inventors have also explored other uses as well. Now Eliumcoin can be used to vote, to crowd fund, or to initiate trust or wills. It can also be used as a futures markets too. Therefore, it’s quite clear that the coin has diverse range of uses which investors can find attractive indeed.

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Eliumcoin review- company background

The company that invented this Cryptocurrency is known as Quantum Invest Limited. According to the official website, Quantum Invest Limited is based in the Marshall Island.Eliumcoin review

Unfortunately, Eliumcoin users can sign up from all other countries except Lybia, Iraq, Iran and Kenya.

To get in touch with the operators, users have been issued with a support email address at [email protected].

We have also investigated the history of this domain Eliumcoin.com and discovered that it was created back in December 2017.

It is set to expire in exactly one year from now. The question then becomes, why? If this is intended to be a long term project, it should have a long term duration which is to be reflected in the length of domain expiry.

Is Eliumcoin backed by any reviews or testimonials?

Since Elium coin is a Cryptocurrency and an investment platform as well, it only makes sense for people to talk about it if it’s really a good investment.

Unfortunately, there are no reviews online about it. It is not normal for a service that was started in December 2017 to have zero reviews about it.

It appears that they haven’t found many users yet. So we can only give them time to see if these reviews will start to surface on Google.

At the moment, we only have reviews and testimonials on the site only. These testimonials appear to have been edited by the site admin and backed by stock photos.

The reason we are saying so is because there are no links back to their profiles. There is no way we can validate their identities to even confirm that they are investors of Eliumcoin.

Eliumcoin mastercard

This is therefore suspicious, an indication that the site could be using tricks to deceive us.

Although the idea behind Elium coin is quite brilliant, there is no guarantee that the coin will be popular and precious to hold.

The reason is that we currently have hundreds of Cryptocurrencies which aim to fulfill the same purpose. How exactly is Eliumcoin going to be special?

Eliumcoin Exchange

Initially, we said the site had incorporated an exchange where we can directly buy or sell Cryptocurrencies without middlemen in between.

Users have to sign up and verify their accounts before they can begin to buy or sell.

The question we are asking is whether this site is able to process all orders? They are not telling us about this.

Besides, there is just too big a risk to trust a site that is not popular. If you send them funds, there is no guarantee that you will get them in the preferred Cryptocurrency or fiat.

The risk of losing your funds are real. That’s why we needed real Eliumcoin reviews to gauge the legitimacy of the exchange. Otherwise, we cannot trust anything about them.

Also, the content that has been published on this site is quite generic.

It appears to be filled up with information that we don’t need especially now that the target customer is someone who has dealt with Cryptocurrency for some time.

Interestingly, Elium coin offers support for PayPal deposits and withdrawals. PayPal and Cryptocurrencies are like water and oil. They don’t mix.

So this is a good indication that Elium coin is headed in the right direction even though we are still having questions marks.

Eliumcoin Review – the conclusion

It is still early to trust this site and the opportunity which they claim to offer. We need to stay put while observing it for a while. For that reason, we won’t blacklist it just yet the way we have always done with many scams.

Therefore, at the moment, we are seated on the fence. We cannot recommend this coin just yet.

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