Easytradeapp.com Review: Easy Trade App is Scam


Have you ever wondered whether you can make money with Easytradeapp.com?

The answer is no, you cannot make money with this app and the simple reason is that Easytradeapp is a generic software, a collection of the usual trading indicators which cannot consistently predict what the market will do next.

According to the Easy Trade App website, the software consists of 70% fundamental analysis, 15% News Release and 15% Technical analysis.

On the fundamental side of things, the developer claims that Easytradeapp scans the market for fundamental situations on an hourly, daily or weekly basis for long term trend ideas.

To only trade with signals that won’t be affected by news events, Easytradeapp is allegedly applying news release filter.

Easy Trade APP

Finally, the function of the technical analysis tools, i.e MACD, STOCHASTICS, CCI, RSI etc is to find the best entry and exit.

Easy Trade App is also promoted as the best auto trading software for 2018/2019 but this is just a far fetched marketing statement.

If Easytradeapp was and is the best auto trading software in 2019, then where are we supposed to categorized these trading tools which are backed by proof of trading performance and have existed for many years?

I’m yet to find any trading robot that can beat the ones I have included in that list.

For now, I will go ahead and present all the facts and reasons as to why Easytradeapp cannot make you any money and is a total waste of your time if you proceed to sign up.

Easytradeapp Review

The developer of Easy Trade App is not known. Their location, development and trading experience is also unknown.

Besides this, Easy Trade App is allegedly able to trade over 270 tradable assets which include commodities, Forex, Indices, Stocks and Crypto.

In my years of trading, I have never seen or heard of one trading software that is optimized to handle all financial instruments. That’s because each one of these markets have their own special characteristics which require an expert advisor to be tested and optimized accordingly for that particular asset pair.

It is definitely a lie that Easy Trade App can handle over 270 assets without any flaws or mishap. I don’t believe this statement at all.

Look at the numbers and you’ll realize this is a scam!

Easy Trade App promises 52000% annual returns, which is clearly an impossible ROI to generate. Even the best money managers in the world cannot see this ROI.

Therefore, I conclude straight away that this is deception. Anybody who promises to multiply your capital 10 times in a year is a liar.

This lesson applies to all kinds of businesses and not just in financial trading.

The owner of Easy Trade App wants to steal your money, which is why they are showing you impossible returns.

Reckless trading strategies

EasyTradeApp has listed 3 types of trading strategies and claimed that these strategies have been in-built into the Easy Trade App and are suitable for all traders.

These include Classic, Fibonacci and Martingale strategies. The last trading strategy is the most dangerous as it is akin to gambling. Fibonacci on the other hand is like a theory that cannot be transformed into a practical trading strategy that yields results consistently.

I have no idea what Classic means in this context but rest assured that it is some sort of generic trading approach which even newbies can use to try their luck in the financial markets. That is gambling.

I hope you can now see how dangerous EasyTradeApp is to your finances.

An illegal investment app

First of all, the vendor did not disclose their location, and thus it’s hard to tell whether or not their jurisdiction requires that those who provide securities must seek a license.

By textbook definition, EasyTradeApp is providing securities because it claims to invest in financial instruments on behalf of traders for profits.


You need to avoid this scam at all cost. EasyTradeApp is your regular trading robot scam. The algorithm is nothing but a collection of the usual trading indicators. All of these indicators can be freely found on the Tradingview charts. There is no need to restrict yourself to brokers who work in conjunction with Easy Trade App for purposes of scamming you.

In case you’re a newbie and are wondering where to get started, just purchase your copy of any of these trading robots and be an independent trader. You’ll thank me later.

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