Dynamic Pro Scalper Review: Alert: Expert Review!!


The best Forex robots in the world were designed by developers who understand the concept of trading and why proving performance is important. I have just discovered Dynamic Pro Scalper EA, and I think it’s worth going through it just to make it clear whether or not this is the best Forex robot in the world to use for your trading.

I am actually looking at Dynamic Pro Scalper from the perspective of a trader and not from that of the developer.

This is because the developer, who by the way is Automatedforextools.com, is claiming that this software is the best Asian scalper that money can buy in the market.

These assertions are largely in according with the thoughts and beliefs of the developer because they don’t truly reflect what other users are saying concerning the best Asian scalper EA right now.

The Dynamic Pro Scalper EA can be purchased for a modest price of $75 (down from the previous price of $89).

The question is, can you really find a good expert advisor that scalps and makes consistent profits in the Asian Forex market for this price?

That’s what this Dynamic Pro Scalper review seeks to address among other things.

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Dynamic Pro Scalper Review: is this expert advisor the best scalping Forex robot in the world?

To answer that question, I’d be forced to go through it in details.

The best way to tackle this question would be to go over the features it trades and the advantages which it allegedly has over other automated Forex robots in the market.

According to Automated Forex Tools, the Dynamic Pro Scalper can only trade 9 pairs. These include GBPUSD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, USDJPY, EURGBP, USDCAD, EURCAD, USDCHF and EURCHF.

The developer believes that the Dynamic Pro Scalper has a unique Forex trading strategy that enables it to make money consistently while limiting losses.

dynamic pro scalper review

It is also compatible with all Forex brokers offering ECN, STP and NDD trading conditions.

Entry and exit strategies are designed to follow a dynamic set of principles which allegedly makes Dynamic Pro Scalper a very flexible Forex robot when it comes to entries and exit points in a particular market.

The other thing which this developer is trying to emphasize is that traders must never risk their account balance by setting the robot to trade with large volumes.

They have advised their clients to stick to a risk of not more than 2% of their entire account balance.

I generally disagree with this advice because I find it quite misleading and ill-informed.

What I usually tell my students is that they should risk what they are comfortable risking.

If you can sleep better at night with a 5% risk, good for you. But that does not mean that someone else will catch their sleep better if they know that their account is at risk of losing 5% of the balance.

Risk is a function of your account balance and unique financial circumstances. Every trader is unique in their own way. I do not want to get into these details now because this post was about the Dynamic Pro Scalper.

The other thing that I see with Dynamic Pro Scalper is that a license is provided with a free demo to test the strategies of the expert advisor.

When you find the ”sweet spot”, you can go ahead and implement those settings in a real account.

That’s a good thing as far as someone who is skeptic about using a trading tool is concerned.

Trading performance: is there a myfxbook account for Dynamic Pro Scalper?

I have already spent a fair deal of time reviewing the myfxbook accounts where this robot’s performance is being tested at.

By the way, there are two of them here. The first myfxbook account is a demo account which was started off with a $5000 balance.

The second demo account was started off with $1000 balance. Notice that this developer was not willing to test this Forex expert advisor on a live account — something that could insinuate that they are not confident enough of the abilities of the so–called the world’s best Asian scalper.

Both demo accounts are hosted by Alpari Forex broker.

Both myfxbook accounts are fully verified. A quick glimpse would show that the robot is performing extremely well in both accounts.

The last time I checked, the first account (with a $5000 balance) had a net gain of +94.94% while the second account had +195.57%.

Both myfxbook accounts are up to speed with the latest performance results as far as tracking this robot is concerned.

The only problem I have with this robot is that draw down is extremely huge, even shocking.

In the first case, draw down is 45% while in the second account, that figure stands at 50%.

What does this mean in layman’s language?

It means that Dynamic Pro Scalper EA is using a high-risk trading strategy which can quickly yield profits and still put the account at great risk of being wiped out.

Dynamic Pro Scalper review and Myfxbook

Dynamic Pro Scalper automatedfxtools Myfxbook

This is not a potential risk. It is something that has repeatedly occurred with the Dynamic Pro Scalper myfxbook account.

In my opinion, this is a huge setback. I don’t want to imagine accumulating profits quickly and then wiping half or all of that profit in almost the same time that it took me to earn it.

As you can see, the developer is silent on this issue. They claim that Dynamic Pro Scalper uses low-risk trading strategy, which isn’t true — going by the results that we just saw on their myfxbook account.

My best advice for you

I am not sure why someone looking to start a career in trading would want to use a Forex robot with such a large draw down.

I love to approach trading with a slow but sure mentality. This is the best way to avoid falling into the much dreaded category of losing traders.

There is the concept of shepherds and losers in Forex trading.

Shepherds do much better while losers or amateur traders just accumulate their profits, eventually donating some or all of what they have earned back into the market.

This is because scalping will always result in wiping out your trading capital plus profits just as fast as you had accumulated them. Robots that scalp are not an exception.

Whether there is lifetime support, broker protection feature, high recovery factor, or any of those selling points, I still cannot advice Campforex.com community to purchase Dynamic Pro Scalper EA.

Thanks for reading this Dynamic Pro Scalper review.

You are free to air your comments below especially if you have used this Forex expert advisor before and are having a different opinion.

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